Want to use traditional cloth nappies without the origami?  Vashti shows us how to use the Bubblebubs stretchy bamboo jersey pre-fold on a one-month-old 3kg newborn baby.

Transcript: Using Bubblebubs bamboo jersey cloth nappies.

Hi. It’s Vashti from Nest Nappies here, and today I’ve got baby Matisse with me. Matisse is one month old today and 3.35 kilos. I wanted to just quickly drop in and show you how to fit a pre-fold on Matisse, on a little bubbly.

Matisse is quite small, and she’s still got the teeny tiny little thighs as well. So, I have a pre-fold here. We just won’t throw the snappy at her. So the pre-fold I’ve got today is the Bubblebubs stretchy bamboo jersey pre-fold. Prefolds are generally made of two outer layers and then a thicker inner layer. And all you do is just fold it in three.

Just like that and then you can angel wing at the end. So her bum’s gonna go in there. Because Matisse is so little, I’m actually gonna fold the front of the pre-fold down before I fold it in thirds. Just so that we get a much more excellent fit and it doesn’t come up quite as high on her waist. This folding down at the front is also a really great option for little boys because it gives you more absorbency at the front of the nappy. So we’re just gonna pop this under Matisse’s bottom.

There we go. And now I just like to line up the pre-fold, or the nappy, whichever nappy it is, around about in line with the belly button. And we’re just gonna bring this up in between the legs just like that, and then these little wings, we’re gonna give that a really good tug and bring it around her thigh. And the reason you give that tug is it just forms a really gorgeous little gusset.

Oh, darlin’! And we put the snappy on from hip to hip and then down into the groin. Oh, darlin’ here we go. And there you can see we’ve just got a lovely trim fit and we’ve got those gorgeous, snug fits around the thighs there, so nothing’s gonna escape. Once you put a cover over that, it’s a really great bulletproof system to make sure that even those runniest newborn poos won’t get escape out of it.

So that’s a pre-fold, a small pre-fold on little baby Matisse who’s just 3.35 kilos and one-month-old Thanks very much! See you soon at Nest.