Vashti is with baby Matisse who is one month old and 3.35 kilos. She is going to show us how a Bubblebubs B.I.G. with a Seedling Baby one size fits most cover.

Transcript Bubblebubs B.I.G. fitted cloth nappies and Seedling Baby One Size Fits Most Cover.

Vashti: Hi. It’s Vashti from Nest Nappies. Today I’m here with baby Matisse, who is one month old, and 3.35 kilos. We are wanting to do a quick … I wanted to quickly show you how to fit the Bubblebubs B.I.G. on a smaller bubby. Now the Bubblebubs B.I.G. is the Bam Bam is Grown up, and it’s exclusive to us here at Nest Nappies. It is a fitted nappy, and it’s the bigger version of the Bam Bam.

                    We normally recommend the B.I.G. from around about the eight kilo mark, when your baby grows out of their Bam Bam but we’ve been getting some great reports of people who’ve been using it a lot earlier so we wanted to try it out with Matisse here today.

                    The BIG. is shaped, so it goes on nice and easy. It’s got elastic through the legs and through the back to hold in all those poonamis. Just like with the Bam Bam, you get an extra insert as well. The difference with this one, though, is that the insert is a little longer so when you’re folding the front of the nappy down, you can actually fold the insert in four so that you have four layers there. You can just lay it in and that means that you’ve got nothing sticking out of the top of the nappy. When you’re no longer folding the front of the nappy down, you can actually just fold it in three so you’ve got the same amount of absorbency all the way through the nappy. So because Matisse is so little, we’re actually going to fold the insert in four, just like that.

                    Oh, Bless you, Matisse.

                    We’re just going to have the insert nice and high at the back of nappy so it’s inline just sitting underneath the elastic. We’re then going to just pop this underneath.

                    Oh, darling, I’m sorry.

                    We’ll have it nice and high so it’s inline with her bellybutton. I always like to give it just a little of a tug out just to make sure that’s nice and flat across her tummy. Bring the insert up. Then, we’re just going to bring this up. As you can see, that’s a lot, it can go up to her armpits but we’re just going to quickly roll it down, just like that. Then, we’re going to bring our wings up and over and do it up with a Snappy, just from hip to hip and down into the groyne.

                    If we bring Matisse up, as you can see, we’ve got a nice snug fit around the back of the nappy. It’s sitting on her legs and it’s not going to be too tight or anything like that and it’s a beautiful trim fit through the front.

                    Now, it’s definitely going to be bulkier than your Bam Bam but it is going to be a nice fit nevertheless if you’re looking at doing your nappies on a budget, the Bubblebubs B.I.G. is definitely the way to go.

                    Now, we’re going to pop a cover over this and I have got a Seedling Baby, one size fits most cover here.

                    Now, Seedling Baby is a snap close, so it does up with a double row of snaps around the waist. It’s got an adjustable rise through the front as well. We’re going to take it down to the smallest setting. Just snap it down there. Then, we’re going to … Once again, need to prepare earlier. I’m going to pop that under Matisse’s bottom there and just make sure that the cover comes up above the B.I.G. and then we’re going to bring it in.

                    Now, I actually like to slide my thumbs into that fold that’s formed after you’ve snapped the front of the nappy down. That just allows me to actually bring the nappy up as high as possible to the elastic. Then, I can fold the front of the nappy over like that. Bring your wings up and around. The reason we take them up first before we bring them around is so that we can get that nice, snug fit around the back of their legs and there’s no chance of any leaks or anything like that. We just do a quick little check just to make sure that all the nappy is tucked in.

                    Oh, darling. Yeah. I know.

                    Then, we’ll just have a look on the legs there and there’s no nappy sticking out anywhere.

                    We’ll bring her back up again. As you can see, the cover is covering all of nappy at the back there and around the legs. We’ve got a nice fit.

                    So that is the Bubblebubs B.I.G. s exclusive to Nest Nappies with a Seedling Baby Comodo Wrap, one size fits most, over the top.

                    Thanks very much for visiting us here at Nest and we look forward to seeing you again soon.