In this short video, Vashti and Matisse show you how to take off the Caboo + Organic baby carrier.


Transcript How to take off a Caboo + Organic by Close.

Hi. It’s Vashti from Nest Nappies and, today, I’m here with baby [Matisse 00:00:11]. Matisse is eight weeks old and 3.53 kilos. I wanted to show you, today, how to take the Caboo off or how to get your bubby out of the Caboo once you’ve put them in there.

As you’re aware, the Caboo +organic, which is what I’m wearing today, is a stretchy carrier that has a little bit of structure to it. It has some rings on the hips to be able to tighten that, and it has two pieces. One, which is the carrier itself that has two passes that hold bubby in place. And then the third pass.

Now, if your bubby’s ready for a feed, which Matisse is getting prepared, to take your baby out, you’re just going to undo the third pass. So it’s just a matter of unknot wrapping it. You can pop that to the side and then we’re just going to loosen off the rings that are on your hips, making sure we keep hold of bubby at the same time. And then, just popping a hand in to take that arm off and then grabbing the other one out.

Now, I’m just going to pass Matisse over to her dad. There we go. Oh, bubba. Ready for a feed.

Now, as you can see, I’ve still got the Caboo around my waist. You can step straight out of it just like that. Alternatively, if you’d kept to the passes upon your shoulders, you can lift it over your head.

Now, as mentioned, the Caboo +organic is a stretchy carrier, so there’s lots of, and it provides excellent, comfortable support for your baby in those early months when you’re still needing to get used to being a parent, and you want some hands-free time, as well.

So that’s the Caboo +organic and how to take it off. Oh, and thanks very much for visiting us at Nest. We look forward to seeing you again soon.