Ever wondered how a newborn nappy differs to a one size nappy in terms of fit? Vashti from Nest Nappies shows you the difference between them in this video. The nappies she is using are the Close Parent Pop In Newborn and One Size All In Twos. Our model in this video is Matisse who is nearly 8 weeks old and 3.5kg.

Transcript: One size nappies vs Newborn Nappies.

Hi, it’s Vashti from Nest Nappies, and today I’m here with baby Matisse, who is nearly eight weeks old, and just over three and a half kilos.

What I wanted to do today is actually show you the difference between a newborn nappy and a one-size-fits-most nappy, and how they vary on a small bubby.

Now, newborn nappies can be a little bit more costly to set up, because you do need to buy your complete newborn start, and then your bigger nappies once your bubby’s grown out of its newborn stuff, but they do give you a much trimmer fit.

A one-size-fits-most nappy will definitely reduce the cost of your initial outlay, but they can be quite big and bulky on a newborn. What I have here today is the Close Parent Pop-in. I have the newborn size which is … well, both nappies are an all-in-two … and I have the one-size-fits-most here.

We’re going to pop the newborn one on Matisse first, and I can show you how to get a beautiful fit on this one. Now the newborn fits from around about two kilos to about five and a half kilos, so it is definitely for those early newborn days when you’re still trying to wrap your head around being a parent.

Now as I mentioned, it is an all-in-two, so the absorbency actually comes out of this one just like that, and that means you can actually get extra insert sets, so if your bubby’s just done a wee and they haven’t soiled the shell of the nappy you can just replace those inserts. You don’t need to replace the entire nappy.

Just pop it together. This particular one is just one little snap, straight there, and then you just tuck it in underneath.

Both of these nappies do up with Velcro, so nice and easy and simple, and all I like to do is just pop it on so it’s nice and high at the back, give it a little bit of a tug out, and then we’re just going to bring it up in between the legs and then bring our wings up and over just to do them up.

Hey. Oh, ooh sorry. Ooh sorry, Matisse. There we go.

And there we go. As you can see, that that’s nice and trim, and it sits nice and snug around her legs, and the elastic is up in the undie line there. I’ll just tuck that one in so that you can see.

Our little privacy pants, aren’t they? Can’t have you showing everything off to the cameras, can we, Matisse?

Now if we pick Matisse up, you can see that that’s nice and trim on her bottom, and bring her round this way, you’re going to be able to get all those newborn clothes on without any fuss or anything like that. And it’s just like a disposable, nice and trim and snug.

Now, if we pop Matisse down again, with the one-size-fits-most you will have these adjustable rise settings on the front of the nappy. Because Matisse is so little, we’re actually going to take that top snap, there, and clip it down to the very bottom snap, and what that means is it’s just going to adjust how high up the nappy sits on Matisse.

The absorbency on this one is actually two inserts that both snap into the nappy, just like that. I’m going to take the little insert out, because as a newborn she probably wouldn’t need both inserts. You could get away with just one. And that’s going to reduce a little bit of the bulk for you as well. We’re just going to pop this insert back in here … Hi! Got lots to say, haven’t you, Matisse? Being very chatty today.

And then we’re just going to make sure that that just sits into the nappy, nice and snugly like that. So we’re going to pop that one down.

And yeah, I’m going to take your nappy off again now. Hey.

I’ll pop that one down there.

Now we’re just going to pop this one under Matisse’s bottom, nice and high, and then we’re just going to bring it up … I always like to tuck my thumbs into that little fold that’s been created by where you’ve snapped the nappy down … and then we’re just going to bring the front of the nappy up, like this. Bring the wings over.

Oh, did you just fill that one? That was just in time, wasn’t it?

So, as you can see, that’s sitting much higher on Matisse’s back, and it’s a little bit chunkier on her bum. It’s much wider through the crutch as well. It’s still a beautiful fit, and it’s just contained a lovely present for mum and dad, but you may have some troubles getting clothes on over the top. Can be a little bit fiddlier to get that nice snug, trim fit that you like around the legs and the waist, and you may just find it a little but more difficult to get your clothes on over it, but it will still work.

So, that’s baby Matisse, who is eight weeks old, or nearly eight weeks old, and just over three and a half kilos, and that’s showing you the difference between a newborn Pop-in and a one-size-fits-most Pop-in. Both of those nappies by Close, and they’re both all-in-twos.

So thanks for visiting us at Nest, and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Bye.