Transcription: Thirsties Natural Newborn

Hi I am Vashti from Nest Nappies, and today I’m here with Rory who’s just four days young and 4.175 kilos. He’s a big boy. But as you can see, he’s still got his stump, so I wanted to do a few newborn videos just to show how some of our nappies fit on brand new bubbies.

First item I will show you today is the Thirsties Natural Newborn All-in-One with a snap close. Now, the Thirsties Natural Newborn has all organic cotton and hemp inners. There’s two tongues that fold out just to make it quicker drying. There is a little bit of rise adjustability through the front here. It also has the stump snap, so in these early days while your little one has the stump still attached you can fold that down. That will bring the nappy underneath the stump and just make sure it doesn’t irritate it.

Now the Thirties Natural Newborn All-in-One is natural fibres so there’s no stay dry against your bubby’s skin. So you need to know of that in case your bubby has any reaction to natural fibres. Sometimes you might pop a little stay dry liner inside there just to draw that moisture away from their skin and keep them feeling dry.

Now the Thirties Natural Newborn All-in-One goes on exactly the same as any other nappy. It fits from two kilos through, to around about the six kilo mark. But when you pop it on you, make sure it’s nice and high at the back so we get lots of bum coverage. I always like to have it about in-line with the bellybutton. We’re then just going to grab the top of the elastics and we’re going to bring it up and bring it in between the legs and get it nice and into that undie-line, just through in here and bring that up like that and then we’re just going to pull those wings over and do it up.

Now if you have a little bubby … So we just do that. Just like that. You have a teeny tiny little bubby you might like to snap that down a little bit, but because Rory’s a little bit bigger we haven’t needed to slap down at the front. I’m just going to pick Rory up. Hi. Hi. Now as you can see we’ve got a nice high fit at the back, there so it’s nice and snug across the back. I can slide my finger in and that it’s nice … it’s not too tight against my finger and we’ve got some great coverage around the back of the thighs to hold in all those lovely poonamis. Hi. Hi. Do you want to say hello? I’m just going to turn Rory around for you. Hi. There we go.

As you can see the nappy is sitting snug into the undie-line there and using that stump snap we’ve pulled the nappy down below Rory’s stump so it will not irritate it. But that’s the Thirsties Natural Newborn All-in-One. Thanks for visiting us at Nest and we look forward to seeing you really soon. Bye!