Today, I have the Baby Beehinds small All-in-One. In the Baby Beehinds All-in-One comes in a Velcro or a snap close. We’re using the Velcro one today.

Transcript: Baby Beehinds small all in one cloth nappies.

  Hi. It’s Vashti from Nest Nappies and today I’m here with baby Rory who is just four days young and 4.175 kilos. Rory just came out of the hospital this morning, so we’re very lucky to have him here with us today. What I wanted to do is show you a few little smaller newborn nappies. 

   Today, I have the Baby Beehinds small All-in-One. In the Baby Beehinds All-in-One comes in a Velcro or a snap close. We’re using the Velcro one today. I really do prefer a Velcro on a newborn baby because you get a much more customised fit. The outer of the nappy is in PUL or minky. This one’s PUL, so it’s nice and smooth. The inside is completely lined with suede cloth to keep bubby feeling nice and dry and drain that moisture away from the skin. Now the absorbency on the Baby Beehinds All-in-One is their beautiful custom milled organic cotton and bamboo blend. There are three double layers stitched into the nappy that fold out in a pocket just to help with quick drying and as an extra booster as well so you can leave it on for that little longer if you need to. Great for those shopping trips. 

   All you need to do is just … I always pop the extra booster on it and then you snap it or fold it into the pocket. I always just give it a little of a flatten out when I’m finished, so it’s all in there nice and easy and simple. Oh, bless you Rory. These are a great nappy for outings and for when you will visit family and friends and things like that and you just want something nice and quick and easy to put on. Now when you’re popping your nappy on bubby, just pop it straight underneath their bottom. I always have it nice and high, almost in line with the bellybutton so it will hold in all those big explosions in those newborn days. Grab the nappy. I always grab the top of the elastics and bring it up in between the legs. We’re just going to make sure that it sits nice and snug into the undie line now. Pop it on. Then with the wings, we’re just going to pull the wings up and then over just to get a beautiful snug fit across the front. 

   Now as you can see, I have popped the nappy over Rory’s stump. There are absolutely no issues whatsoever with popping the nappy over the stump when it’s still attached. It will not cause any infections or anything like that. Just make sure that you do keep an eye on it when you take the nappy off and give that stump a little of a clean after each change. But as you can see, the nappy is nice and snug in the undie lines. We’ve got a nice snug fit around the back of the thighs there. I can actually fit two fingers in between Rory’s tummy and we’ve got a little bit of a gap there, so it will not be too tight on him in any way. 

   If we pick him up. Here we go. There we go. Nice and high at the back to hold everything in. Bring you around, Rory. That is the Baby Beehinds Magic All-in-One in the small size and that fits from four to seven kilos. Thanks very much for stopping by Nest and we look forward to seeing you again soon.