itti BittiD’lish Rory at 4.175kg four days old.

I’m here today to actually show you how to fit anitti BittiD’lish all-in-one on Rory. Now, the itti BittiD’lish are a beautiful size nappy.

Transcript: itti Bitti D’lish

 Hi. It’s Vashti from Nest Nappies, and today I’m here with Baby Rory, who is just four days young, and 4.175 kilos. As you can see, Rory has still got his stump attached. He came out of the hospital this morning. 

   I’m here today to actually show you how to fit anitti BittiD’lish all-in-one on Rory. Now, the itti BittiD’lish are a beautiful size nappy. They come in small, medium, and large. They are a snap-close, and they are available in either and all-in-one or an all-in-two. And the all-in-two is where all the inserts come out. The all-in-one is where the nappy is all just one piece. 

   Now, because Rory is so teeny-tiny at 4.175 k, pretty big baby, we are using the small. And the small fits from 3 1/2 to 7 1/2 kilos, or around about the zero to six-month mark. The itti BittiD’lish is lined with suede cloth. It has a tongue that folds out just to make it quick drying. The majority of the absorbency inside the itti BittiD’lish is actually a beautiful bamboo cotton, so beautiful and absorbent, but within our stay-dry layer on top to keep your baby feeling nice and dry. The outer of the nappy is a minkee, so it’s nice and touchable. Sorry.

   So, what I will do is just make sure that the tongue is laid down like that. We will pop the itti BittiD’lish under Rory’s bum. And just make sure you pull the nappy up nice and high and have it about in line with the belly button. I then like to reach in between baby’s legs, and grab the top of the elastic, and just pull it up nice and high. And then we’re just going to pull those wings up and over and snap them up. And the same on the other side. And the reason we pull them up before we pull them over is just to get a nice, snug fit around the back of the thigh. So, there we go. It didn’t want to quite snap in there. And then I always like to just double-check and make sure that the thighs are nice and snug, and that that elastic is tucked right in, nice and snug, into the undie line there. 

   Now, the top of the nappy, or the front of the nappy, can go over the stump on a newborn. It’s not an issue. Just make sure every time you take the nappy off you give that stump a little bit of a clean and make sure that there’s nothing happening, there’s no irritation happening or anything.

   The front of the nappy needs to be a little bit roomy, just to make sure it’s not pressing in on baby’s tummy. Now I’ll pick Rory up. Oh, darling. As you can see, the back of the nappy is nice and high. So, the top of Rory’s bottom crack is just about there. So we’ve got plenty of coverage there for any nasty explosions. Well, you’re having a little of a suckle there, are you? You found your thumb. And if we turn Rory around, there we go, you’ll see we’ve got a beautiful, trim, snug fit all the way through the front there. 

   Now a size nappy on a small baby is always a great option, because it means you can keep a beautiful, trim fit and fit your nappy underneath all those beautiful newborn clothes, so nice, and easy, and snug. 

   So that’s an itti BittiD’lish all-in-one in the size small which fits from 3 1/2 to 7 1/2 kilos. Thanks for visiting us at Nest, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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