Today Vashti shows us the Bubblebubs B.I.G (Bam Bam is Grown up) cloth nappy which is exclusive to us here at Nest Nappies.

Transcript: Bubblebubs big cloth nappies.

Hi, it’s Vashti from Nest Nappies and today, I’m here with baby Rory who is just four days young and 4.175 kilos. Rory’s having a little bit of a chat to us.

Today, I wanted to show you the Bubblebubs Big which is exclusive to us here at Nest Nappies. It’s been designed especially for us. It is the bigger version of the Bam Bam and if you’ve seen any of our videos, you would have seen that we have fit this on small babies.

We designed the nappy originally to start from when your bubby grows out of the Bam Bams, around about that seven and a half, eight kilo mark but we find that it fits a lot smaller than that.

And today, I just wanted to show you how the nappy will fit on a brand new freshly if you are on a little of a budget and you would like to use something like this right from the start.

So the Big is a fitted nappy and a fitted nappy is where every layer is absorbent but it’s shaped to go on nice and easy. It’s got elastic through the legs and through the back to hold in all those poonamis, and it breaks down into two pieces to make it quick drying.

Now, this insert here we’ve done rectangular so I can fold it either crossways in fourth when you’ve got the nappy folded down, or you can fold it longways in three when you don’t have the front of the nappy folded down.

Now, we might try to get this on and now, because Rory’s still small, we’re going to fold the insert in four like that and I will put it up towards the back of the nappy.

So we will get this under Rory’s bottom, and Rory’s done a little wee for us. Oh, darling. Hey, shh.

Now, when you pop the nappy on, just have it nice and high at the back so it’s in line with the belly button. Then we will bring it up in between. We’re just going to fold the front of the nappy down nice and low, and we can sit this underneath the umbilical stump there. Bring the wings over like this, and then we’re just going to pop a snappy straight on. Oh, come here.

There we go. Now Rory’s happy ’cause he’s being cuddled. Now, the fitted nappy needs a cover to go on over the top to make it waterproof, but if you are just hanging around the house and not putting clothes on over the top or anything like that, you don’t need a cover. Just be prepared that if you’re putting them down for a sleep that your bedding may get a bit damp.

So as you can see at the back there, the nappy is nice and high so it will hold in all of those lovely poonamis from your fresh new bubby, but I can still slide my finger in there quite nicely and get it a nice snug fit.

Hey. There you go. In the nappy’s front as you can see, it sits in quite nice and snug on the undie line to get in and hold everything in, and the snappy will hold it in place. [inaudible 00:03:36]()

So that is the Bubblebubs Big which is Bam Bams grown up, exclusive to us here at Nest Nappies, on baby Rory who is 4.175 kilos and just four days young.

So thanks for visiting us at Nest and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Bye.