This time Vashti shows us how to fit a one-size-fits-most nappy on a brand new baby using the EcoNaps Convertible one size cloth nappy.

Transcript: EcoNaps cloth nappy

Hi. It’s Vashti from Nest Nappies. Today, I’m here with Baby Rory, who is just four days fresh and 4.175 kilos. 

What I wanted to do today is how to fit a one-size-fits-most nappy on a brand new bubby. For that one, today, I am using the EcoNaps Convertible All-In-2 Side Pocket. The EcoNaps is a one-size-fit-most, which will fit from around about the 4 kilos all the way through until about 16 kilos and has an adjustable rise through the front and has double-row snaps to close it. The insert on an EcoNaps … Oh, poor Rory. Shh. The inserts on the EcoNaps are two bamboo polyester cotton boosters. You can either pop them inside the pocket or snap it in just like that. Today, we’re just going to snap it in. 

Now, because Rory is so little … Oh, darling. He’s a little sad. He’s a little sad. He’s just has big feed. He doesn’t want to sleep. We’re just going to quickly snap the inserts or the shoe down to the lowest rise. I’ve used the long insert in now and I will fold that over at the front. You’ve got to pop this under Rory’s bottom. Hey, darling. Hey. We have to bring it up in between his legs and then we’re just going to fold that flap over at the front. Bring your wings over and snap them up. Oh, darling. Oh, darling. Hey, Rory. Hey, Rory. 

Now, two things with the one-size-fits-most is always tried to make sure that all that excess fabric is poked up at there in a fold. Make sure I tuck those wings in underneath so that there’s nothing hanging out, and it’s not too bulky through the front. 

You want about two fingers’ width at the tummy. We have it nice and high at the back to hold everything in, and we have it nice and snug around the thighs. Always make sure those elastics are nice and snug into the undieline and don’t have them down on the thigh. 

Let’s see if we can turn Rory around, sorry, and I’ll show you what I was talking about with that fold. Just in here, and so you see that fold, it’s just all I tuck the fabric up. Then through the legs, we’ve got those wings just tucked in underneath the wing, like the front, the wings closest to his body tucked in around the outside wings. He just really wants cuddles. But, that is the EcoNaps Convertible One-Size-Fits-Moist on a brand new bubby. Rory is just four days fresh and 4.175 kilos. As you can see, we got a nice fit that’s nice and trim with just one of those inserts. 

Thanks for visiting us at Nest, and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Bye.