Vashti show us three different folds using Terry flat cloth nappies.

Transcription: Terry flat cloth nappies

Hi, It’s Vashti from Nest Nappies. Tonight I’m here, I have baby Rory over in the side. But first, I wanted to show you two different folds with the good old terry flat. Flats are fantastic for several different things. They come in a huge variety of different materials. This one is just a standard cotton. You can get organic cotton, bamboo, muslin, pretty much any material you can think of, you can get in a terry flat. They make great burp cloths, so you can pop them over your shoulder when bubby’s breastfed. Rory is getting a little bit hungry I think. They also make great cleaning clothes, spew rags, anything. We still have 90% of the flats I used on my, now 13-year-old and they are great cleaning cloths for around our house.

   What they are fantastic for though is using as cloth nappies. They’re great for when you’re on a budget because they can mean that you can expand the size of your stash without spending a huge amount of money. 

   What I wanted to do today, was show you a few different folds. My two flats are about 60 x 60 or a 75 x 75. These are all 60 x 60 that I’m working with today. My favourite fold to start with was what’s called the batwing fold. That’s basically where you just fold the nappy in four, just to make a small square; just like that. Then you grab the top corner here and pull it across to make a triangle. That gives you the square at the back and the triangle at the front. You flip the nappy and then that square, you will actually fold into a pad and you can fold it as thick or as thin as you like, depending on the size of your bubby. 

   One thing I always like to say to people is when you’re popping it on, so their bum will go in there and then you’ll bring this part up in front, just make sure you grab this little wing here before you put it on and you give it a little bit of a roll before you pull it in. That makes a great little gusset around the back of the thigh, and which holds everything in. 

  If you were to just take the wing straight across like that, that makes it a great poop chute and when they do those enormous number threes, it comes straight out the thigh there. To do it up, you grab your snappy and it goes from one hip to the other hip and down into the groin. That’s the batwing fold.

  The next fold would be the kite fold. The kite fold is just where you start with your square and then you make it into, almost an ice cream cone as you can see. Let’s fold it out like that, bring it down and then this little tail here is just gonna come up, so you’re left with that there. From there, their bums just going to go in here and you’re just going to grab these bits here and sort of pinch it in and bring it up and then bring it over. That pinching in gives you a little bit of a gusset in here. When you bring it up, it sort of will gusset around the back of the thigh. Once again, once both sides are on, it’s just the snappy on and then the cover over the top. 

   The last one I would do and hopefully Rory has finished his feed, I will show you how to pop it on him, but if not, that’s fine, it’s what we call the Joe fold. The Joe fold is just where you start with your terry flat; the large square and you just bring all your squares into the centre here, just to make a smaller square. You can make that as big or as little as you want. You can overlap the edges for really, really tiny bubby’s or you can just have that out for bigger bubby’s. We’re then just going to fold the nappy in three, so we’ve got a pad and then we will do what’s known as the angel wing. This is like when we sort of do our pre folds. We’ve got that angel wing and then all that absorbency through the back. 

   From there, their bum is going to go up in the top half here, where we’ve angel winged and if we can get Rory over … here we go. Hey Rory. Hi. Gonna put a nappy on for me? There we go. Pop him down. Okay. We just bring that panel up in between the thighs, just like that and then that wing, we’ll just bring over on both sides and then the snappy will go from hip to hip and down into the groin. There we go. There we go. Hi.

   As you can see, we’ve got a nice fit over there because that angel wing has actually come out a little bit and formed a nice gusset around the back of his thighs. It’s nice and trim on his bum, so it’s not going to pop his bottom up in the air. Then if we come around the front, we’ve got lots of absorbency through the front where he needs it most. 

   Once you’ve done that, you can just pop a cover over the top to make it waterproof. We’ve got a little pit up there, have we? There we go. Hey. There we go. Is that better? And you’ve got a great outfit for the day. It’s not to bulky or anything like that and it will provide you lots and lots of absorbency. That is a few different folds for your terry flats and how to fit them on your bubby. Thanks for visiting [inaudible] nest and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Bye.