How a Bubblebubs Candie cloth nappy fits on baby Rory at 9 days old and 4.4 kilos.

Transcript: Bubblebubs candie on newborn.

Hi. It’s Vashti from Nest Nappies. And today I’m here with Baby Rory, who is just nine-days-young, and weighing just under 4.4 kilos. 

I want to show you how to fit the Candy on a newborn. While Rory is definitely within the right range, he has a bigger body for such a little freshy. He’s sort of pretending he wants to sleep but not really. Oh, bless you. Bless you. 

Now the Candy is a one size fits most. It is a all-in-two Nappie. It doesn’t have the adjustable rise through the front here so there’s no snaps to fuss about with. It does have the double row of snaps and it does up on the hips. Being an all-in-two, all the absorbency comes out of your waterproof shell. You have a bamboo cotton trifold with a stay dry topper on it and you have an extra bamboo cotton blend booster as well. 

With the fact that Rory’s only nine days fresh, we’re just going to use the trifold to start with. It just snaps in. It’s got two snaps on the back of the shell there. We’re just going to fold the insert in three so that the stay dry is uppermost. What we are going to do then is we’re going to put the Nappie under Rory’s bottom. I like to start nice and high so it’s about in line with the belly button or just over the top of the belly button. We’re going to bring it up and as you can see, that insert is kind of high so we’re just going to fold it down a little bit so it sits under Rory’s belly button now and we’re going to bring the shell up. 

Then just going to take it around to the hips there. I always like to do the hip snap first and then the waist snap and make sure that wing is over the top of the absorbency. The same on the other side, little wing up and over. Hey. Hey. It’s okay. Hang on a second, Rory. Okay. I always just run my finger around the elastic just to make sure it’s tucked into the underlying in there and that that’s nice and snug. 

Oh, Rory. Rory. As you can see, the Nappies nice and high on Rory’s back and I can fit my finger in there so it’s not too tight or anything like that. I’m pretty sure you can see on this side, I’ve actually offset the snaps. Hi. No, I haven’t. I’ve got that side right. Let’s see if it’s the other side that I’ve offset. Yeah, so this side I’ve offset. Hey. You can see I’ve actually gone to the third snap in around the waist and the second snap in around the thigh. Hey. Hi. There we go. 

That’s how you actually adjust the Nappie, the sizing with a Candy so you can adjust those snaps so that they’re not actually aligned. When you pull the hip snap in or the leg snap in, it actually makes the leg hole smaller so it fits around nice, scrawny, little legs. Then you can open up the waist by just not doing those at the same [inaudible 00:03:53]. 

I might hand Rory over to his mom. Sorry. Here you go, mom. I’ll take one down, just to show you what I mean. You can see, just there, they’re aligned but you can actually offset them. That will open up the legs and keep the waist nice and snug. Then you don’t have to worry about your adjuster row through the front. Really, really easy and simple Nappie to use. That’s the Bubblebubs Candies, which is a one size fits most. It will fit from around the four kilo mark all the way through to about 16 kilos. It’s an all in too and it comes in a beautiful, minky finish or a [inaudible 00:04:40] finish as well. 

Thanks for visiting us at Nest and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Bye.