Vashti shows us the Seedling Baby Pocket Nappy the one-size-fits-most pocket nappy

Transcript: Seedling Baby Pocket Nappy

Hi, it’s Vashti from Nest Nappies, and today I’m here to talk about the Seedling Baby Pocket Nappy. I have baby Rory off to the side, who will come in and do a demo for us in a little bit. But the Seedling Baby Pocket Nappy is a one-size-fits-most pocket nappy. It has an adjustable rise through the front, double leg gussets, and a double row of snaps to do it up. It comes in some beautiful prints, and some gorgeous plain colours as well. Now, when you open up the nappy, you have … the entire nappy is lined with suedecloth to draw moisture away from your baby’s bum, and keep them feeling nice and dry, and it has a pocket at the back here, to pop the absorbency in.

The absorbency in the pocket nappy is a bamboo cotton trifold, and a little microfiber booster, just for added absorbency, and the trifold can be folded in a couple of ways. So, when the nappy is unsnapped at the front, you can just fold it in three, just like that, or when you snap the nappy down for smaller bubbies, you can actually fold it in four, so it’s a bit shorter. 

Now, to snap the nappy down, you just have these rows of snaps through here, so you take this one down to whichever setting that you want, and I’m going to pop it about there for Rory, I think. We might change it once we get him over on the table, but just to give you a … just to give it a start, we’ll pop it there.

Now, I always like to snap the nappy up before I put it on the bubby, and have it all prepared to go. With the extra booster, because we’re snapping the front, we’re going to keep the trifold folded in four, and then we’re just going to pop that extra microfiber booster on the top. Now, I like to pop the microfiber closest to the suedecloth, because microfiber is very, very quick to absorb while bamboo and cotton will hold that moisture in a lot longer. Never, ever pop microfiber directly against bubby’s skin, though, and because we’ve got the suedecloth in between, it’s perfectly fine.

We’re going to pop all that absorbency into this pocket here, and then make sure it’s all the way up the top there, and just flatten it out as you pull your hand out, just like that. And so, that’s all ready, and we’ll grab baby Rory. There we go, [inaudible 00:02:32]. There we go, Rory. We’re just going to pop him down on the nappy, and see if he can stay asleep for us. Fingers crossed, everyone at home.

Now, I always like to start the nappy nice and high at the back, so about in line with the belly button, or a little bit higher, and I always give it a little bit of a pull out at the sides, just to make sure it’s nice and flat. We’re then just going to come in between the legs, and we’re going to pull the nappy up. Now, where I’ve folded it down, you can see there’s a little gusset in there. I always like to pop my thumbs in there, just so that I can pull the nappy up as high as possible, all that elastic, and then I fold the front of the nappy over, just like this. Tuck it around his hips, and then with the wings, give the wings a nice little pull up and over, and we’ll snap that up. 

Now, if you can see in here, I’ll just show you why we pull it up. If we pulled it directly across, you would see that that nappy is still quite loose around the legs, whereas if I pull it up, it actually stretches the elastic around the back of the legs, and that forms a nice tight little seal to hold in all those lovely poonamis that your little one’s going to do for you. 

So, now, just double-check, just run your finger around the elastics, just in there, and that will tuck it into the undie line, and I always just give that little fold just a nice little pull up around the hips, just to make sure that that fabric is definitely pointed up, and so, just across the front there. You can see that we’ve still got a nice smooth front, we’ve got all the elastic up nice and snug into the undie line, and it’s nice and high. We can still fit two fingers in between the waistband and Rory’s tummy, so that when he is sitting up, or anything like that, when his tummy sort of starts to extend a little bit after a big feed, it’s not going to cut in too much. But there’s no chance of that leaking in any way.

So, beautiful, and snug, and trim, and that is the Seedling Baby Pocket Nappy, one size fits most, on baby Rory, who is just shy of 4.4 kilos, and only nine days old.

Thanks for visiting us at Nest, and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Bye.