Gro Via One, which is a one size fits most, all in one cloth nappy

Transcription: Gro Via One.

            Hi, it’s Vashti from Nest Nappies, and today I’m here to talk about the Gro Via One, which is a one size fits most, all in one nappy. It is a multi closure nappy, so it has snaps and Velcro, and it has the adjustable rise through the front, so you can get the great fit for your little one. Now, the nappy, as they said, it has Velcro and snaps, which is a little interesting, but it’s really, handy for when you have people in your family who like different things. So say Dad loves doing Velcro because he finds he gets the perfect fit every single time, but Mum prefers snaps because bubby likes to take the nappy or something like that. 

                    You have this row of Velcro along the front and it actually just snaps off just like that, so easy and simple. And it’s the same on the wings where they have the Velcro that snaps off. So they all just snap back on. Easy to make it super, super flexible for a wide range of people in your family. Now, Velcro nappies are also fantastic for anybody that has some dexterity issues in their hands. So older family members might find it difficult to snap those snaps together, or anyone in your family who has RSI or any wrist issues or anything like that, Velcro makes it a lot easier. 

                    Now, the inside of the nappy on this one is lined beautifully with fleece and it has two removable soakers that come out of the nappy. These can be used independently or together with the nappy, as there is just a little snap at the back there, and these two soakers will also snap together just like that, and then in at the back. So you can use the nappy fully snapped up or you can take the boosters out and just use them independently like that. So either one. I’ll just do this one around that way, just like that. 

                    So at different varying ages of your child as they’re growing through and going through different growth spurts and different urine outputs, you may decide to use different boosting sets. Now, we’ve got Rory here today. Rory is just nine days fresh and he’s about 4.4 kilos. So I’m actually going to use the little booster on him. I’m just going to snap that in, and I’m going to do it up with the Velcro as well. Now, the adjustable rise through the front just makes it really easy to get the rise that you need on your bubby, and it will also close up the legs. 

                    Now, we’re going to snap that down to the lowest rise setting for Rory, all the way down, just like that, so that will give us a really beautiful fit. We’re not going to worry about that extra booster, so we’ll just leave that there. Now, I’m just going to set this up here, and then we’ll get Mum to hand me Rory. There we go. Hi, gorgeous. Hi. Can you lie down there for me? Good work. Now, Rory’s been a little champion and we’ve done lots of videos with him today. He’s getting a little bit tired, so this will probably be our last one. 

                    Just start the nappy up nice and high, going to bring that through the legs, and then fold the front up, and just Velcro it on. Nice and easy, just like that. Hey. Hey. There we go. Now, as you can see, the nappy is nice and high on Rory’s back, so the top of his cracks are probably about there, so we’ve got lots of coverage, and … Hey, hey. There we go. He’s just very tired. But we get a beautiful [inaudible] through the front of the nappy. We might give Rory back to Mum. There we go. There we go. 

                    Poor little Rory. I’ll pull one down here, so just that we can talk about it. But, as you can see, we had a beautiful smooth front through the nappy just by folding it down, and then we also made sure that it was nice and snug around Rory’s legs to keep in all those lovely poonamis. So that is the Gro Via One. It is a one size fits most, all in one nappy, even though those inserts come out, and it gives you the choice of Velcro or snap closure for your little one. Thanks for visiting us at Nest, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.