Wet Bags come in different colours and sizes but what do you put in them.

Transcription: Web Bag

             Hi, it’s Vashti from Nest Nappies and today I’m here to talk to you about wet bags. Probably if you’ve come across our website, you’ve already heard a little about wet bags and how awesome they are. But they design wet bags to carry your dirty nappies in when you’re out and about. They come in a range of different sizes, from your pale through to your day wet bags and then your little mini wet bags. 

                    Now a wet bag is made from either a minky material, a PUL material or polyurethane laminate, TPU, which is thermoplastic laminate, and your cotton drill and stuff like that. And they’re all lined with your water-resistant material. It allows airflow to breathe around your dirty nappies while they’re in there, but they don’t get sweaty and smelly like they would in a plastic bag. 

                    Lots of different styles of wet bags, you can get your double pockets where you can have your dirty clothes or your dirty nappies in two separate pouches. I always like to use a double pocket, so I have clean in the front and dirty in the back, or something like that. You can have your little mini wet bags that are just big enough for one nappy, to your hanging pales which I like to use off the side of my change table to store my dirty nappies in between pre-washes. 

                    Wet bags have a multitude of other uses. In the Nest house, we use them for swimming bags, for activity kits while we’re out of the house, for snack bags, Mr. Nest even uses one for his dirty gym clothes so he doesn’t stink out the office during the day. So wet bags really are amazing and you can use them for several things. 

                    If you’re interested in seeing how to use your wet bags, why not drop us a line, next nappies.com.au through our website, the contact form, or info@nestnappies.com.au is our email. And we look forward to seeing you again soon and thanks at visiting us at Nest.