At about 4 to 6 weeks you will start thinking about night nappies. At that stage you will have the information you need to know what to pick. Here is a rundown of night nappies.

Transcription: Night Cloth Nappies

             Hi, it’s Vashti from Nest Nappies and today I’m here to have a chat with you about night nappies. Most families find they move into a dedicated night nappy somewhere around the four to six-month mark. That’s when your bubby is sleeping longer hours and needs a lot more absorbency to get through those periods. You can get night nappies in a range of different styles and types. This one here is what we call an all in one or pocket night nappy and it has all the absorbency that comes out of the waterproof shell and the shell has PUL on the inside so you can just pop all the absorbency inside. All in one night nappies are fantastic, I really do love them for their ease of use. However, I am a big fan of your fitted night nappies. 

                    Now a fitted night nappy is where the entire nappy is absorbent, so you need a cover to go on over the top. Be that PUL, fleece, or wool cover. Wool covers are always my favourite cover, just because they are so breathable and so luxurious and thermoregulating for your little one. So when your bubby’s in that nappy for 10, 12 plus hours you want lots and lots of breathability. 

                    The other thing you can do with night nappies is you can sort of franken-nappy. So you can get bits and pieces of what you have at home, something like the gorgeous big that are exclusive to us here at Nest Nappies. They’re a fitted nappy and they work really beautifully with some boosting on the outside. So what I do is pop the nappy on so it’s nice and snug and trim on my little fella, then I grab my prefold and pop it over the top like that, then pop my cover over that. And that gives me a really great nappy, there’s lots and lots of absorbency in there to get me through that 12 plus hours. 

                    The big thing I get asked about a lot is, is the nappy too bulky. Now night nappies absorb for up to 12 hours or more depending on how much your little one is wet. Bulky nappies aren’t too much of an issue, they have lots and lots of absorbency in there to keep your bubby feeling dry all night. But if you have it a lot trimmer, you’re not going to have the absorbency, and that’s when you’re going to end up with wet bedding and clothing and stuff like that. Don’t get stressed about bulkiness in any way. As long as your bubby is still sleeping comfortably, you’ll be fine. If you do have any issues with your night nappies or would like to find out more information, get in contact with us here at Nest Nappies, we always love talking about nappies and would love to find something, or help you find something to get your little one through the night.