Just like its name One Size Fits Most will fit the larges rage of baby sizes. But what sizes will One Size Fits Most not fit?

Transcription: One size fits most cloth nappies.

 Hi! I’m Vashti from Nest Nappies and today I’m here to chat to you about one size fits most nappies. 

                    A OSFM nappy will do most babies from about four kilos through till about 16 or 17 kilos. 

                    It generally has adjustable snaps through the front just so you can adjust how high up the nappy sits on the [bubbies] waist. Or, like with some side snapping nappies it will actually do up on the hips to give you more flexibility around getting that perfect fit every time. 

                    One size nappies are designed to work for most of the babies most of the time. So know that they can be quite a bit and bulky on a newborn or a smaller bubbie. And towards the end, if you do have a big bubbie, it’s difficult to get the right fit as your little one starts to toilet train. 

                    On average though, they are fantastic for the majority of babies all the way through. And do help you get a really great fit without having to change nappies, or move up in sizes, at any stage. 

                    We have a range of one size nappies here to suit all sorts of bubbies. So if you’d like some more help in regards to your one size fits most nappies, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at Nest Nappies. 

                    We look forward to seeing you soon! Bye!