In this video Vashti gives us an overview of insert sets and boosters.

Transcription: Insert Sets And Boosters

              Hi. It’s Vashti from Nest Nappies, and today I’m here to talk to you today about insert sets and boosters. 

                    Now, these are very similar items, but they’re also very different. An insert set is what you would use an all-in-two nappy. So an all-in-two is where all the absorbency comes out of your waterproof shell, just like that, and then you have an extra set that you can change over and add to the nappy. So if bubby’s just done a wee, and hasn’t soiled the shell, you can just replace those absorbent bits. You need not replace the entire nappy. Makes your stash cheaper because you can have three or four insert sets for every shell, and because those shells dry so quickly, you can be grabbing the old shell off the line and popping a new insert set in it, if you do need to wash it. 

                    Now boosters, on the other hand, are a little bit different. Boosters are anything that you can use to pop inside your nappy to add a little bit of extra absorbency. So if we’ve got the nappy set up like that, and we have a heavy wetter, or we’re going for a long drive in the car, going grocery shopping and don’t want to use public change rooms, or anything like that, you can just grab your booster, and lay it through the nappy, just to add extra absorbency in that. 

                    You can also get night boosters. So night boosters are specifically designed for certain nappies that they just add extra absorbency into that nappy, and turn that day nappy, into a night nappy. So there’s lots of different ways that you can use your boosters, and you know what? Something as simple as a face washer folded in half is sometimes enough to get you through that little bit of extra absorbency that you need. 

                    If your needing help with the absorbency of your nappy, or you’re not sure what insert set to choose for your new nappies, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us here at Nest. We love talking about nappies of any description. 

                    So thanks for visiting us at Nest, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.