Bubblebubs Big Cloth nappy on 9 months old and 7kg

Transcript: Bubblebubs Big Cloth nappy on 9 months old and 7kg

Hi, it’s Vashti for Nest Nappies and today I am here with baby Matisse who is nine months old and just over seven kilos. Now, the last time we saw Matisse… Hey, what’s this? You want to roll over? Look, what’s this? Give me a hand. Here we go. Whoo. What’s that? Look, look. Hi. What’s that? Do you want some more? There we go. So as you can see in Mathias is getting a little bit, yeah, roll-y and move-y and wanting to check things out. So what I’ve just done is just squirted some foamy hand and bottom sanitizer on her. Now, our foamy hand and bottom sanitizer is completely natural.

There’s nothing in it that’s yucky or anything like that and it’s great just to keep them entertained when they’re getting their bottom changed. If you’re looking for a way to keep your crocodile roller in one place. Now we haven’t seen Matisse for a few months, but we did do, we did see her when she was about eight weeks old and about three and a half kilos and we did the Bubblebubs Big, which is exclusive to us here at Nest.

Now the big was designed to work from when you’re a little one grows out of the Bam Bam. And then all the lights here until toilet training. It is a fitted nappy. So every layer is absorbing and it does need a cover to go on over the top of it, but it is shaped to go on nice and easy and it breaks down into two pieces to make it quick drying. Hi. Now the insert can be folded either long ways in three or crosswise in four to give you the absorbency that you need where you need it. I’m going to fold it in four at the moment.

Hi. What’s this? Here we go. There we go. And then we’re just going to pop the back of the nappy underneath Matisse’s bottom. Did you drop it? Did you drop it? And then we’re going to bring the insert up in between and bring the elastic up nice and tight and get that nice good fit in those little leg creases there. And then you can fold it down across the front. You can actually roll it…

Yes. And she’s done a wriggle squirm. She’s done a wriggle squirm. Hey. And that happens sometimes. It does. Sorry. Let’s just try that again, and bring that up. Yes, I know. And we’ll bring those wings across and pop. Thank you. Pop them. Do you want this one? There we go. Sorry. There we have it. It’s just been folded down at the front. We’ve got a nice snug fit with the elastic into the groin crease there and it’s just doing up with the snappy. Now, the colour that we used last time was the seedling comodo wrap and we’re going to use that again this time. Last time we actually sent all the way down to the bottom snap. This time we’re going to come up one and just snap it in on that second bottom snap. Did you drop it? Did you drop it? And then we’re going to go under her bum, yeah, and give it a nice little pop and then I like to pop my thumbs into that folder just to bring that up as high as I can and then bring the front over.

Yes, we’re nearly finished and you’re getting tired, aren’t you? You’re getting tired. Getting tired. I would just do the same on the other side. Oh, darling. Come here. Oh, there we go. We’ll sit up. We’ll show the world your nappy, okay. Look. And there you have it. Now, as you can see, at the front, I’ve actually offset the snap, so one side’s come all the way into the middle and the other side’s not quite in the middle there, but that’s going to cover the nappy all the way through, around the legs and around the back end, the tummy and keep everything contained. So that is the Bubblebubs Big, exclusive to us here at Nest Nappies on baby Matisse, who is nine months old and just over seven kilos and we’ve used the seedling Comodo wrap with that one as well. So thanks for visiting us and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Bye. Bye.

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