Have a look at Vashti fitting the EcoNaps one size fits most convertible nappy on a 3 month old, 8kg baby.

Transcript: EcoNaps Convertible One Size Nappy

Hi, it’s Vashti from Nest Nappies and today I’m here with baby Rory who is three months old and just over 8 kilos. Just putting a little bit of baby wipes wash on his hands so he can have a play with that, it’s a nice way to keep bubby entertained when you’re changing their bottom. So today I’d like to show you how the Econaps, which is a convertible, all in two slight pocket nappie, works on baby Rory. We did show you this one when he was about 9 days old and these days, back then we actually snapped the nappie all the way down at the front, these days we’re just going to bring it all the way up and we’re going to leave it unsnapped and just bring it across. Yay, Rory. Rory. Oh damn you. 

Let’s just bring that back up into the leg there and bring the wings over. I’m going to go on that snap. As you can see, we haven’t aligned the snaps there but we’ve got a nice snug fit around those legs on both sides and it’s nice and snug around the waist. If we stand you up, yeah, hey do you want to show everyone your bottom? Look! So it’s nice and high on the back, it’s going to keep in all those big explosions and it’s nice and trim through the front. 

Now sometimes you might find that your bubby needs the front right snaps snapped down, so Rory is a larger bubby at three months, so he can get away without having those right snaps snapped down. But if you find that you’re popping the nappie on and it’s a little bit too high, just snap it down across the front there and you’ll get a much snugger fit, it’ll close up the legs and it’ll sit lower on the waist. But that is the Econaps convertible on baby Rory, who is three months old and just over 8 kilos. 

Thanks for visiting us at Nest and we look forward to seeing you again soon, bye. Say bye, Rory?