Take a closer look at the Thirsties Natural, one size fits most all in one with Vashti from Nest Nappies.

Transcript: Thirsties Natural One Size Fits Most All in One

Hi, it’s Vashti from Nest Nappies and today I wanted to quickly run you through the Thirsties Natural All in One. Now the Thirsties Natural comes, should have pulled one of these off because it does come in a newborn and also in a one size fits most and both versions are available in either a Velcro close or a snap close depending on what your preference is. Now, both versions also have some adjustability through the rise. So with the newborn you have one little snap down, whereas with the one size fits most you can actually snap it down two different settings. So you have three different sizes in this. 

So I want to open it up and show you a few of the features. So if you choose the Velcro one, all of your Velcro closures will come with these wash tags and all you do is just fold them over like that and that just helps in the washing so that you don’t end up with everything stuck together in a great big tangle. Through the inside of the nappie it’s all natural, it’s a organic cotton and hemp, so 55% and 45% as the absorbency. And it has two tongues here that are stitched in plus more absorbency through the shell of the nappie. Now the reason that they have those tongues is just to make it faster drying. 

If you can imagine all those layers stitched together, it will get really, really thick and slower to dry. Each of the tongues also has a little pocket in it, so if you did want a pop in a little bit more absorbency you could slide something into that pocket just to get it that little bit more thirsty for your little one. When the nappie is ready to go, you just slide the tongues straight down like that and it’s just bum in, up in between the legs and Velcro it on depending on what rise setting you have for your nappie. 

The outside of the Thirsties Natural is a TPU, which is a thermoplastic laminate. So it is a water resistant material which means that it doesn’t need a cover to go on over the top. So that is the Thirsties Natural All in One, just a little bit of information about it, let you have a bit of a look on the inside of the nappie and see how it works. Hope that helps and we look forward to seeing you again at Nest very soon. Thanks, bye.