Vashti runs us through the Baby Beehinds Magic Alls, All in One sized cloth nappy.

Transcript: Baby Beehinds All in One

Hi, I’m Vashti from Nest Nappies and today I wanted to run you through the Baby Behinds all in one. The magic goal is a sized nappie, so small, medium, large and extra large. The extra large is only available in a couple of prints though, so we need to talk to Baby Behinds. Now it does have either a Velcro or a snap close, you’ll find that the PUL finishes all have the Velcro close and the minky finishes all have the snap close so it’s a matter of finding which one you prefer. Being a sized nappie, you do need to buy as bubby gets bigger but you can get a really good fit, so yeah.

Now I’ll run you through the features. So on the Velcro nappies, you’ll find that all of them have a wash tab, so just get into the habit of closing that wash tab up before you put it in the machine and that way you won’t end up a big mess. When you open up the nappie, it is just lined with micro suede that acts like a really stay dry layer, it keeps bubby feeling nice and dry and it just makes poo cleanup a little bit easier. It does have a pocket at the back here, though. The reason for that is that it’s almost similar to a pocket because all the absorbency comes out to make it very fast drying but the insert is still attached to the suede cloth.

The insert is three double layers of Baby Behinds custom milled bamboo cotton fleece, so it’s super, super thirsty and the reason it breaks apart into three pieces is just to make it quick drying because it is very thirsty. You also get a little bamboo cotton blend booster that you can use in the nappie or you can leave out, it’s up to you. Now the nappie is designed so if you’re using the booster, I just pop them both together like that and then you just stick it inside the pocket and bringing your hand out, you’re flattening it out so it sits in there nice and easy and simple.

If you would prefer, you can use the nappie with the inserts just laid on the top like that. I always found that I got a much better fit popping it into the pocket though, because it gave you a little bit of leeway and got the elastics in nice and snug to the leg. So that is the Baby Behinds magical all in one, which is a sized nappie available in a PUL and Velcro close or a minky in a snap close. Thanks for visiting us at Nest and we look forward to seeing you again soon, bye.