Have a look at the Seedling Baby Pocket Nappy.

Transcript: Seedling Baby Pocket Nappy

Hi, it’s Vashti from Nest Nappies, and today I’m here to show you the Seedling Baby Pocket Nappy. The Seedling Baby Pocket Nappy is a one size fits most and it will do your baby from around about three and a half to four kilos all the way through to about 16 or 17 kilos. It’s a snap close and it has an adjustable rise through the front of it. 

Now so, opening it up, you can see the adjustable rise through there and the snap close waist. When you open your nappy up, you have a beautiful suede cloth throughout the nappy to keep baby feeling nice and dry, and you also have a bamboo cotton blend insert and an extra microfiber booster.

With the insert you can just fold it in four so that it’s eight layers of absorbency. Or if you have a bigger bubby and you want the insert all the way through, you can fold it in three just like that, and the insert will go all the way in. I like to pop my microfiber booster up the top. And then you’re just going to insert the absorbency inside the nappy and that’s it.

The double layered gussets give you a really, really great poop protection, and make it sure that nothing gets out. I like to call these ones bomb proof. Popping it on is just a matter of bum in, up in between the legs, and then just snapping it closed just like that. So, that is a Seedling Baby Pocket nappy. It is a one size fits most, where the absorbency comes out to make a faster dry, and it will fit most babies from around about the three and a half to four kilo mark all the way through until about 16 to 17 kilos. Thanks for visiting us at Nest, and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Bye.