Have a closer look at the Designer Bums all in two cloth nappy.

Transcript: Designer Bums All in Two

Hi, it’s Vashti from Nest Nappies and today I wanted to run you through the Designer Bums. Designer Bums is a one size fits most nappie, it is all in two but it does have a pocket which gives you the option of popping extra absorbency in there if you need it. The front of the nappie has an adjustable rise and it does up with snaps. Designer Bums come in beautiful Australian and international artist designed prints and they are limited edition, so each season you do get a huge range of some really, really gorgeous designs come out.

Now I’m going to open up the nappie, as you see it’s a snap close across the waist with a single row and the adjustable rise through the front. When we open up the nappie, we have two inserts inside the nappie. One being a long anchor and other one being a short oval. Now the short oval actually has two snaps that do to the front of the inside of the nappie just like that. And then the anchor can actually be folded anywhere that you need, so you can actually fold it in half and have it laid inside, having the anchor at the front of the nappie or you can turn it around and have the anchor at the back of the nappie depending on your baby.

Now the absorbency in the Designer Bums is a beautiful bamboo cotton blend that is really, really super thirsty and a just fantastic for a wide range of babies. So once I put it in like that, it’s just a matter of bum in and bring the nappie up. Now I did mention that it has a pocket, the pocket opening is at the back of the nappie and that’s just for adding an extra little booster if you have a super heavy wetter and you need some more absorbency. So once you bring it up and then you just snapping it on to get the fit that you need on your baby and that’s it.

All beautiful and done. So that is the Designer Bums one size fits most nappie, they are a limited edition and they will fit from around about 3 kilo mark through to about 15 kilos on the average baby. Thanks for visiting us at Nest and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Bye.