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Hi. It’s Vashti for Nest Nappies. Today I wanted to run you through the Bubblebubs Candies. The Bubblebubs Candies is a one-size-fits-most side snapping all in two style nappy. The Candie doesn’t have an adjustable rise through the front, because it actually does up with snaps on the hips. The Candies are available in a PUL or a minky finish, so you get the choice of what touch and feel you prefer on your baby.

Now, opening up the nappy, as I said, it does up on the hips. So, you’ve got a double row of snaps on both sides, and the label actually sits on the back of the nappy. We open this nappy up, you have inside the nappy, you have a bamboo cotton tri fold, and an extra bamboo cotton booster. Now, the booster can be used in the nappy for extra absorbency, or you can use the tri fold on its own, depending on how your baby is wetting.

The tri fold just gets folded in three, and it has a suede cloth on top, to keep your baby feeling nice and dry. The tri fold snaps into the back of the nappy with two snaps, so it is nice and easy. It’s not going to take too much time or anything like that to pop it back together. Then, it’s just a matter of popping your bum in, bringing it up in between the legs, and just making sure you bring the wings over the top of the absorbency before you snap it up on the hips.

Then as the Bubblebubs Candie, it will fit the average baby from about 4 kilos through to about 16 kilos. It is a one-size-fits-most all in two style nappy, and it’s available in a minky finish, or a PUL finish. Thanks for visiting us at Nest, and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Bye.

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