Vashti runs us through all the ins and outs of the Bubblebubs B.I.G exclusive to Nest Nappies in Australia.

Transcript: Bubblebubs B.I.G

Hi. It’s Vashti from Nest Nappies, and today I wanted to run you through the Bubble Bums BIG that is exclusive to us here at Nest Nappies. Now the big is actually short for Bam Bam is grown up, and BIG was designed to work for your baby when they grew out of the Bam Bam. It is a fitted nappy, and it doesn’t have a closure, it does that with a snappy. Every layer of the BIG is absorbent, so it does need a cover to go on over the top of it. Right through the nappy, though, we have the snappy here. It is a bamboo cotton blend; it is made from a terry material. So it is really, really absorbent and super, super soft. It’s shaped to go on nice and easy, and has elastic through the back and through the legs to hold in all those poo [inaudible 00:00:57].

It breaks down into two pieces to make it quick dry, and the insert here can actually be folded in a couple of different ways. In the early days, where your baby’s a little bit smaller, you can actually fold it in four. And that will get you eight layers of absorbency. And just lay it inside. Or as your bubby’s getting a bit bigger and you need absorbency through the whole nappy, you can fold it in three, and you’ve got it like that.

Now ,i’m just going to fold it in four again, just because I want to show you how to fold the front of the nappy down. So folding that in four, I’m going to pop that up towards the back of the nappy. And then it’s just a matter of popping your bubby’s bum in there. You bring the nappy up in between the legs, and you can fold the front of the nappy down to a nice, slow rise. It’ll sit quite low; I mean, how to actually [inaudible 00:01:49] onto a four week old 3.35 kilo bubby. So nice and easy and simple. You then bring your wings over the top like that. And do the nappy up with a snappy. Now snappies are just made from silicon, and they have little teeth underneath them that hook into the fibres of the nappy, all those little loops in the terry of the BIG. So you just pop it on one hip, pull it over to the other hip, and then down into the groin.

And that’s it, it’s done up. You’ve got a beautiful, snug fit around those little legs. So as long as you get that elastic into the under crease, that’ll sit nice and snug and beautiful and hold in all those poo-namis. And you can actually adjust as you saw, by just by folding the front down or just high up it sits on bubby’s waist. So then that’s the Bubble Bum’s BIG, exclusive to us at Nest Nappies. It is a fitted nappy that’s been designed to fit from when your bubby grows out of the Bam Bam, but we’ve got it down a lot smaller. And it all lasts all the way through until toilet training on the average bubby. So around about that 17 to 18 kilo mark. Thanks for visiting us at Nest, and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Bye!