Rawr Stuff ‘N’ Snap Night Nappy

Have a look at the Rawr Stuff n Snap Night Nappy.

Transcript: Rawr Stuff ‘N’ Snap Night Nappy

Hi, it’s Vashti from Nest Nappies and today I’m here to show you the Rawr Stuff ‘N’ Snap night nappy. The Rawr Stuff ‘N’ Snap [00:00:15] nappy is based out of Tasmania, here in Australia, so it’s an Australian owned business. They are ethically produced in China. The Rawr Stuff ‘N’ Snap comes in a minky finish, so it’s beautiful and soft especially for overnights and it is a side snapping nappy so it has a double row of snaps on each hip. It is a sized nappy, so medium, large and extra large. The medium does about 6 to 12 kilos, the large does about 9 to 16 kilos and the extra large does about 14 to 22 kilos.

The reason it doesn’t go any smaller than that is we generally find that smaller bubbies don’t need a dedicated night nappy, you can get away with your day nappies or you’re still changing overnight. And it does do up to around about the 22 kilo mark because did you know that the average age of night training worldwide is somewhere between 5 to 7 years? So don’t be stressed when your little one is still wetting the bed at 4 years of age.

Now I’m going to run you through the nappy. So as I mentioned, it is a sized snap nappy so it does have a double row of snaps on each side. When you open the nappy you’re going to have this beautiful bamboo velour on the inside of the nappy. Gorgeous and soft, natural fibre but it does have this [00:01:38] I feel to it as well. You also have a gusset that runs around the front there so even for tummy sleepers, it’s going to trap in all of that extra liquid that they are producing. It does have a pocket at the back and inside the pocket you’ll see that the minky is actually lined with PUL so it doesn’t need an additional cover over the top of it.

And on the back of the bamboo velour, you have a bamboo jersey and through the wet zone you also have a layer of micro fibre. Now this is really, really great for grabbing those wees really quickly, especially on bigger bubbies when they let go in a rush, the micro fibre soaks that all up really, really fast and then allows it into the rest of the absorbency. Now the rest of the absorbency on this nappy is actually here in the pocket. It is a bamboo cotton hourglass booster and also a bamboo cotton trifold. With the trifold all you’re going to do is just fold it in three and then lay your hourglass on top and then I like to grab the top of them like that and lay it along your forearm and then just pop it inside that pocket.

So just pop your hand up there and then you can sort of grab the top of it and I’m just going to flatten out my hand now. To give you an example, I’m just basically doing that with my hand inside the pocket as I pull my hand out and that just flattens the insert in there so that it is nice and trim inside the nappy. And then it’s just a matter of popping your nappy on just like you would anyone else and doing it up on the hips.

So that is the Rawr Stuff ‘N’ Snap, it is a sized night nappy. Medium, large and extra large and it’s available here at Nest. Thanks for visiting us and we look forward to seeing you again soon, bye.

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