Jess runs you through fitting a large Baby Beehinds Night Nappy on a toddler.
Baby Beehinds Night Nappies are a fitted style and need a cover to go over the top (Jess has chosen the Thirsties cover in this video). The nappies come in four sizes to suit babies from 4kg through to 25kg plus.




– Hi, I’m Jess from Nest Nappies. I’m here with my son Henry, who is nearly two and currently 13.6 kilos. Gonna run you through a fitting of a night nappy solution. So what I’ve got here is the Baby Beehinds nappy, night nappy in a large. Now the Baby Behinds large fits from 10 to 16 kilos. We’re also gonna use a Thirsties size three cover. Now the Thirsties size three is normally 18 to 28 kilos but because we’ve got such a height in the night nappy, the size two just isn’t quite tall enough to get over that. So we’re gonna move up to the size three, which as you’ll see with the rise, snapped down and right into the waist we’re still gonna fit nicely on Henry. So, the Baby Behinds smart nappy has lots of nice thirsty inserts built in. Because Henry is boy we’re gonna keep a fair amount of that insert at the front so that we’re keeping lots of absorbency in that nice wet zone for a little boy. That’s gonna pop the two together on Henry. Now we’re gonna start nice and high. Even with the belly button or even a little bit higher than Henry here, I’m gonna pull our inserts up nice and tight. And the front up nice and tight, bring the wing across and up and Henry is actually gonna sit on the tightest setting here. Wrap it nicely here. Now with the Baby Beehinds night nappy, we do have a frilly edge here. We can leave that sitting out like it currently is now or we can tuck it in. That really just comes down to personal preference and what’s gonna work for you and your baby. Some people find that when it is out, it does irritate a little bit but it will just really depend on your child. And Thirsties cover, we’ve got elastic through the front as well. Should we fix the wiggles for you Henry? There we go, the wiggles is a great option usually, for us to keep Henry happy during a nappy change. It’s one of the few times we have any screen time but apparently we’re getting just tired enough now that we don’t want any. One of my other favourite little tricks and you’re probably too tired for this as well is some of the nest foaming hand and washroom sanitizer. Henry’s usually only too happy to have a play with that and wash his hands. You do front and backs, you wash your hands for me? So that’s another great little trick sometimes, it just keeps you going through a nappy change. So, the cover we’re also gonna start up nice and high, obviously making sure it’s covering the entirety of the night nappy so that we don’t get any leaks. Gonna bring that rash across. As we said Henry is gonna be on the tie setting on the waist cause obviously he is a little bit smaller than what Thirsties recommend for this nappy. But as we said on this two, we just weren’t getting the height to get over the night nappy which is very important as well. So it’s gonna make sure that our excess rise fabric is tucked up. Tuck our elastics into the undies line. And there we go. So that’s a Baby Beehinds night nappy, with a Thirsties duo size three wrapped in the snaps. Which is an excellent option for those with heavy wetters. Can you stand up for me? No? Alright, I’m jess from Nest Nappies and we hope to see you in store soon.