Jess runs you through using a Bublebubs Bamboo Delight with extra boosting and a Petite Crown Catcher as a night nappy.
Bamboo Delights will fit most babies from 4kg through to 16kg plus. The Petite Crown Catcher fits most babies from 4kg to 18kg plus.


– Hi, I’m Jess from Nest Nappies. I’m here today with my son, Henry, who is nearly two years old and 13.6 kilos. I’m gonna run you through what we use for a night nappy. Now, I’m a bit of a fan of Franken-nappying for night nappies. So at the moment, our solution is the Bubblebubs Bamboo Delight. At the moment, we’re getting away with just the trifold that comes with the Bamboo Delight snapped in. But we do use a stretchy Bamboo pre-fold, as well, around the outside of that with a Petite Crown cover. So that’s their Catcher cover, which is their one size fits most cover. Now, this gets us through 12 to 14 hours overnight. And until recently, Henry was still feeding overnight as well. So he is a fairly moderate, night wetter. Not as crazy as some of the other children I know, but not a light wetter, either. So I tend to actually keep everything all together in the shell for a night nappy change. All in underneath, Henry, but then I do bring it up, one at a time. So similar to a Candie, I tend to starch my Bamboo Delight, fairly close under the belly button. Bring the trifold that’s in the Bamboo Delight up. Get that snapped up. Now once again, like the Candie, the Bamboo Delight being side snapping, there’s no wide snap to worry about. So it’s just a matter of getting a waist to now hips snaps on nicely. Bring up my pre-folds, and then bring up the cover over the whole lot. Making sure obviously, that we’re making sure that cover does go across all of the nappy. You don’t want anything sticking out, cause that’ll lead to leaks. And leaks lead to getting up in the middle of the night and nobody wants that. Okay, just gonna check out rising our cover up. Check out elastics into the undie line. And that’s our Franken-nappy, night nappy in our house which gets us. So just giving, making sure that that nappy is definitely all tucked in underneath. So if that’s not gonna be quite enough absorbency for you, one of the other options that we do sell in store is Bubblebubs Night Booster Set. So it comes with a nice, lightweight trifold and a booster. So that can actually be put into the nappy, instead of the Bamboo Delight’s trifold, which is just gonna give you some extra absorbency in them. That is one of the nice things about coming to visit us at Nest. You don’t have to have a nappy that’s all the same brand. You can shop around to make sure that you are getting the right absorbency and the right fit for your child. I’m Jessica from Nest Nappies and we hope to see you in store soon.