Jess shows you how to fit the Petite Crown Trima Plus on a 13kg 2 year old.
The Trima Plus is a plus sized nappy that is designed to fit most babies from 7kg through to 25kg plus.


– Hi, I’m Jess from Nest Nappies. I’m here with my son Henry, who’s 23 months old and 13.6 kilos. We’re gonna fit the Trima Plus today. So, it’s a Petite Crown nappy. It is a large, one size fits most. So, it fits from 7.7 kilos up to 25 kilos. So, this is a brand new nappy for me. Haven’t actually tried it before today, but Petite Crown covers are absolute favourites in my house. So, we’re looking forward to having a good play with this nappy. So, we’ve got two nice thirsty inserts in here. Starting this quite high, about behind Henry’s belly-button. I’ve got Henry down one rise snap in this nappy. I’m gonna come across. This is a three snap, so, two on the waist and one on the hip. Don’t forget, when you’re doing nappies as well, that you don’t have to actually be even, either from side to side, so, for example, Henry would be through here, if we were even, and also, you don’t actually have to be even in terms of where they sit therein. So, if you need a bit of extra tightness on the waist, you can actually just bring the waist snap over without bringing the hip snap over. So, we’re gonna just make sure that we tuck all our excess fabric behind our rise up nicely. Tuck our nappy into the elastic line. So, I think you would struggle to get this on a 7.7 kilo bub, to be honest. That’s only got one extra rise snap that we could come down, and Henry’s pretty close to the middle. We probably could actually be even on this one. And, as you can see, it’s a lot bulkier on Henry than a normal one size fits most nappy, But if you do have an older, bigger, or a chubbier child, then this is certainly a fantastic option for you. I’m Jess from Nest Nappies, and we hope to see you in store soon.