Jess shows you how she fits her Seedling Baby Multi Fit Pocket on Henry who is 13kg and 2 years old.
The Seedling Baby Multi Fit is a pocket nappy that is designed to fit most babies from 4kg through to 16kg plus.


– Hi, I’m Jess from Nest Nappies, I’m here today with my son Henry who’s nearly two and 13.6 kilos. We’ve got The Wiggles on the phone today because we’re in a bit of a mood and that’s keeping us nice and happy for some nappy fitting. So I’ve got the Seedling Baby Pocket here to try on today. Now this one is a fairly new one to my stash at home, so, it has, it’s something we’ve only be playing with for a couple of weeks. I’m still getting used to the fit a bit myself, as well. It starts a lot higher on the back than a lot of my other front-snapping nappies, so this one we’re going to start with the back basically behind Henry’s belly-button. We are unsnapped entirely in this nappy at the moment, which is the only nappy in our stash that we are fully unsnapped on. We’re just going to bring these wings over, and get a nice snag fit without getting too tight, across Henry’s belly, so we’ve still got two fingers space there comfortably so he can sit up. We tuck our leg elastics in, the Seedling is a double-gusset nappy, which is also different from a lot of the other nappies in my stash. So that is the Seedling Baby Pocket on a 13.6 kilo toddler. So, a nice bit of height at the back there, if you do have a baby that likes to poo up and out of the nappy. But something that just sits a little higher than what we’re used to, in our family. But a great nappy with good absorbency, for those who like a pocket. So, I’m Jess from Nest Nappies, and we hope to see you in store soon.