Jess runs you through fitting the EcoNaps Convertible nappy on a two year old.
The EcoNaps Convertible is designed to fit most babies from 3.5kg through to 16kg plus. It is able to be used as a pocket nappy or as an all in two.


– Hi, Jessica from Nest Nappies here. I’m here today with my son, Henry who’s nearly two and 13.6 kilos. We’re just gonna run you through fitting of an EcoNaps today. So the EcoNaps is a convertible nappy. It can be used as an all-in-two or as a pocket. I am too lazy to stuff the pocket, so I do just use it as a snap in, but as we like to have a stay dry layer, I do also have a maker place liner in the nappy so that Henry still feels dry. We have both inserts snapped in, and I like to snap in at the front for a little boy, just to make sure that the absorbency does stay in the front, and if it moves around, it’s not moving around in the wet zone. So for the EcoNaps I start quite low on the back. Definitely no commerce practise though. Make sure that your rise is pointing upwards as with all of our nappies, with the rise snap. And then we’re just gonna bring the wings across, snap them on on the skin. Just make sure that our rise is pointing upwards, gonna check our elastics nicely into the undo line. There we go. So that’s an Apron Naps on a 13.6 kilos, Tyler and Jess from Nest Nappies. And we look forward to seeing you soon.