Jess shows you how to fit the Bubblebubs Candies on a 13kg two year old.
The Candies is a one size fits most all in two nappy that is designed to fit from 4kg through to 16kg plus.


– Hello, Jessica from Nest Nappies here. I’m just here today to run you through some fitting of nappies on toddlers. I’ve got my son, Henry with me here today. He’s 13.6 kilos at the moment. We’re watching The Wiggles on the phone at the moment ’cause that’s what’s keeping us happy. So got a Bubblebubs Candie, yeah. Now for this, Henry has both the tri fold and the extra booster in. Because we’ve got a little boy, the booster has been folded in half and tucked at the front so that we’ve got all of the absorbency in the wet zone. The Candy I like to start it roughly behind the belly button on the back. I like to pull my inserts up nice and tight first before pulling the shell up. That comes up, nice side snapping nappy, the Candy . So we also don’t have to worry about any rise snaps on the Candy. It’s automatically gonna get the rise right based on where our hip snaps are sitting. Usual chuck it in, make sure it’s sitting in the undie line. There we have it. So that’s a Bubblebubs Candy, on a 13.6 kilo toddler. There we go. So from Jess and Henry, lovely to see you and we hope to see you at Nest again soon.