Vashti gives you a closer look at the Little Squirt and talks through how you can install it in your home.



– Hi, its Vashti from Nest Nappies. And today I’m here to show the Little Squirt. So the Little Squirt is a high pressure water hose that you hook onto the water inlet valve with your toilet as long as you have an exposed system. So if you’re at home, just have a quick look down side of your toilet and make sure you’ve got that little tap there. And that will let you know that you can hook up your Little Squirt to your toilet. Now, when you open your box, you’ll see that you have a nozzle, two cables and a little three-way adapter. Now the little three-way adapter is going to go in between one of your hoses and well, between both of your hoses really. So what you’ll do, turn this back over so that you can see, because I don’t have a toilet here, sorry. So, there’ll be a pipe that runs from this top up to your system. Now you need to turn that top off, flush your toilet, and I always say pop down a towel because there’s always a little bit of water left in your bottom of your system, and then you gotta take that pipe out. This pipe then goes in there, your little three-way adapter goes on, goes up to your system, and then this pipe hooks on there, and the nozzle on the other end. So nice and easy and simple. Generally recommend a quick trip to Bunnings to grab some plumbers tape, because you do wanna cover all those threads with some plumbers tape just to make sure that there are no leaks. Once that’s all connected and you’ve got it going from the top up to your system and you’ve got the nozzle connected as well, turn the tap back on, allow your system to fill, and then just double check and make sure that there’s no leaks from any of your connections. If you can’t see any leaks, give your nappies a quick squirt just with the nozzle. And the nozzle does have a baby latch on it. So, when you’re using it, you just wanna turn it sideways like that and that will allow the nozzle to work when it’s not in use, turn it up and down and as you can see, the nozzle doesn’t actually hit anything so no water is gonna come out of it. Now Little Squirts are fantastic for cleaning out poopy nappies, especially when you’re moving on to solids, or is nappies hmm a bit interesting. A little bit like peanut paste sometimes. Also great for Astro Bugs through the house or for toilet training, toddlers and stuff. It’s another fantastic way that you can clean out your nappies and make it that little bit easier on the prewash. So, that’s a little squirt, I’m Vashti from Nest Nappies, and we look forward to seeing you again soon, bye.