We attended the nappy workshop, and found it highly informative and helpful. It was great to see all the different types of nappies and hear some great tips as well. I’d highly recommend it for anyone wanting to learn more about cloth. The shop is beautifully laid out and a nice way to see a variety of nappy types in person to see what you like. Thank you 💜

Sarah (via Google)


I’ve received my nappy parcel and I just wanted to say the nappies look gorgeous! Thank you so much too for throwing in the beautiful wet bag too 😍. Given it is my second child I was buying for and after nearly 3 years of using cloth for my first, I was understandably not that excited when I was purchasing the nappies… but receiving the parcel wrapped like a present, the new nappy designs and extra bag just got me all enthusiastic again another cloth journey ahead. Thanks so much for your amazing customer service!

W.C. (via email)


Hi Vashti, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help!! Owen hasn’t had one leak with any of our nappies since your guidance and I am finding I am using my nappies without the dreaded anxiety of leaks now.

Abby (via Facebook)


Had a great shopping experience in this beautiful store. The staff were really helpful in answering my questions and helped me and my husband purchase some really great products. We will definitely continue to shop here for all our cloth nappy supplies.

Natalie (via Google)


What a great store! I visited because I had been told about them and honestly love the service!
You could walk in there with zero knowledge of MCNs and walk out confident in your nappy choice! (And how to use)
Big range and amazing customer service.

Christine (via Google)


I went into Nest Nappies a totally newbie to the MCN world! The team were so lovely, answered my million questions and helped me choose brands to trial that would suit my son. Afterward, feeling very satisfied with my purchases, I sat in the side room feeding my little guy, having a chat with some other mums in the shop. It was fabulous, and overall a wonderful experience, I cannot recommend them enough!!

Melissa (via Google)


I love this place! It is so welcoming and hands down the most friendliest shop to shop at with a baby. While I was browsing nappies bub decided he needed a break and there was plenty of fun toys to place with on a nice soft rug. They have a huge variety of cloth nappies and are very knowledgeable.
Kimberley (via Google)
So amazing to be able to browse and buy many different cloth nappies in a retail store instead of trying to compare them online. Huge selection and really helpful advice.
Miranda (via Google)

Not only was your little FB Live Stream extremely educational and entertaining, your lovely voices put my Ropata to sleep 🥰 Thank you dearests we will be popping in very soon.

Saira (via Facebook)


Thanks Nest Nappies for the great nappies we just bought. We are your new biggest fans, and will be encouraging everyone we know to use your fabulous products!

Rachel and Joel (via Facebook)


I first came into Nest when I was having problems with the original brand of nappies I bought. Nikki spent over an hour with me offering solutions and phoned Elizabeth for some advice too. I’m still overawed that you took so much effort to help solve a problem with a brand of nappies you not only didn’t sell me but you don’t actually stock! I think that’s pretty outstanding customer service. To have somewhere which is not only a beautiful shop, staffed by wonderful people selling fantastic products in an ethical way but also a place for mums to link up is a truly wonderful thing in my opinion. I cannot sing your praises highly enough.

Emma (via email)


Your whole approach is so different to the usual shopping experience with kids – with the amazing outside play area, I never feel the need to chase or supervise when I’m shopping at Nest. And you’ve held my baby on more than one occasion so I can attend to my toddler or work out how different nappies fit together – it’s such a relief! The shop is beautiful and was not at all what I expected when first came to visit.
I look forward to visiting again soon.

Annie (via email)


When I first arrived in Brisbane, pregnant with our third child, I went to Nest looking to update my cloth nappy stash. The store had opened only a few weeks before and despite a few empty spaces on the shelves, I could see the potential was there for an amazing range of tried and tested nappies – not just the same mainstream brands you see all the time. It was obvious a great deal of time and been spent selecting products that would appeal to all sectors of the cloth nappy market but most importantly those just starting out on their cloth nappy journey. I was impressed that Elizabeth genuinely sought out my opinions and feedback on what had and hadn’t worked for us in the past, in order to better serve her other customers.

Alison (via email)


Just wanted to thank you for great nappies, in general! Thought I’d put a disposable on Elodie today to see if it changed her odd crawling style (it didn’t), and within 15 minutes the ridiculous thing had practically fallen off. Back to the old reliable puffy fluffy bum! It just made me appreciate them even more and I wanted to say thanks!

Jacqi (via Facebook)


On my first visit to Nest Nappies, I was greeted by a lovely lady who took her time in showing me (a first-time mother who had never used cloth nappies before) over 6 different nappies. I made my purchase and will definitely be going back! I’m just waiting for my online order to come through too! So excited!

Hayley (via email)


I was adamant about using cloth but had no idea how to start. I was so thankful to have spotted Nest at a baby expo. My husband and I attended a free nappy workshop. He was the only bloke there! We were encouraged to try a few option and we’ve been a regular customer since. My favorite are the Grovia range. We feel good about using cloth and even use your washable wipes. No nappy rash! Bub’s bits are all the better for cloth too. And laundry is one of my preferred chores (much better than ironing). I recommend your store to all expecting parents. Thanks Nest.

Brooke (via email)


I had grown a conscience after having my first baby; I wanted to do my part to make sure she had a beautiful world to live in, so I started researching cloth nappies for my second cherub. To say the least I was overwhelmed and even a little bit frightened about all the options and products I was presented with. So I went looking for somewhere I could get hands on advice; MCN are an investment and I wasn’t going to spend a small fortune (single income) only to bail out because I didn’t have what suited me. Lo & behold my search lead me to Nest Nappies, conveniently located in my home town. After meeting Elizabeth and getting all the help I needed (& continuing each time I come instore) I am a very (very) happy cloth nappy convert! Thank you Nest Nappies!

Simone (via email)


I have NEVER had any inclination to use cloth nappies as; 1) I was a working mother (who wants to come from work and wash nappies?) 2) Disposables were so easy…3) “we couldn’t afford cloth”……LITTLE DID I KNOW!! I have used cloth with my 2nd baby – and LOVE them!. I do obscene amounts of washing anyway, so washing them is no drama, they’ve paid for themselves in 3 months and my husband and I both find them easier to put on than a disposable! The worst part about using them is coordinating Carter’s outfits for the day as I love every nappy I have, but not all tops go with all bottoms….  Well done you two – you’ve got a great business there!!!!

Alicia (via email)


Dear Elizabeth I just wanted to say Thank You. My husband and I attended your Nappy Workshop on Thursday night. I must admit I was a little worried my husband would find it a waste of time. However he showed great interest and surprised me by even getting “hands on” and trying some nappy folds!

The whole night was perfect – we felt relaxed, we didn’t feel like we were been given the “hard sell”, we didn’t feel like we been judged for asking (what we thought were) dumb questions PLUS the pizza was an added bonus!

We left feeling invigorated and immensely satisfied with the information we received.  Yes I was a little overwhelmed by the sheer variety of cloth nappies available, but once we got talking to you, and about what we already had in our stash I felt loads better.  You explained that all we needed to do was find something that could work with what we already had (Cheeky Butts Newborns and Cheeky Butts AI2/Pockets) – you gave us the options in simple terms and let us make the decisions ourselves. I cannot sing your praises enough.  Also Erin who was very helpful when I first came in and was very patient and extremely informative.

We love that you don’t push a particular brand and mostly we love your open and honest attitude about basically anything

Carmen (via email)


Hi Vashti! Thanks a lot again for all your help:)  Today we put the new BubbleBubs nappy on Lara (washed ones) and she spent almost 5 and a half hours in it, no leaks and more importantly she had a day nap for almost 2hours in it!!! Amazing!

Irina (via Facebook)


Thank you so much to Vashti and your lovely and helpful new assistant.  You really took the stress out of buying cloth nappies for us and couldn’t have been more helpful!  Thanks for spending so much time with us.  I can’t wait to see our little girl in them come November and will be back for a visit and to let you have cuddles for sure!

Leeana (via Facebook)


Just a quick msg to let you know how much I enjoyed the workshop on Sat with Heidi.  Her customer service, advice, passion/knowledge & humour are an asset to your business.

I’m due in mid June & am now set up for 1 1/2 days worth of gear with trusted, highly recommended/excellent reviewed products, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to use. With a little bit more to come to complete/meet my remaining needs.

I also purchased 2 ‘Australiana’ limited edition nappies for down the track as they are too cute to pass up.

Looking forward to popping in when on Mat leave to finish ‘nesting’ my nursery.

Emily (via email)


I have purchased many cloth nappies from Nest over the past 6 years, before the birth of my first child.

My youngest has just finished toilet training and I’d like to thank you all at Nest Nappies for always being such a wonderful beacon of information and advice over the years.

Peppa (via email)