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Lanolising Your Wool Covers

Sheep naturally produce lanolin to keep their wool water-resistant and provide antibacterial qualities. This means that you will need to lanolise your wool cover to make it do it’s magic. You will need to lanolise before you use your cover and from time to time you will need to replace the lanolin. The period of time between lanolin treatments will differ for every family. A good way to tell if your cover needs treating is if it is still smelly after airing or if the outside layer is damp to the touch after use.


When I first heard this ‘lanolising’ word, I thought “No way, that’s too hard!” but guess what? It’s not hard at all! Once you’ve done it once, you will be all over it like wool on a lamb! (Sorry, couldn’t resist that one!).


I can hear you thinking, “So how do I do this lanolising business you speak of?”

Well, I’ve done a tutorial . . . (You are welcome lol)


Step 1.

Distract your children so you can get busy.


Step 2.

Hand-wash your wool cover using cold water and a gentle wool wash. Lay it flat on a towel to absorb the excess water.


Step 3.

Prepare you lanoline mixture. You can use the lanolin that you use for cracked and sore nipples. This one or similar:


Place a small amount of solid lanolin in a small glass jar. I used about half a teaspoon. Add a drop of baby shampoo and a tablespoon of hot water and shake vigorously to melt and disperse the lanolin. If the oil is not fully dispersed it will settle and can make oily spots on your wool. The first time I did it I used a cup and stirred with a spoon, instead of putting in a jar. This is totally doable if you need to, but it is easier if you can vigorously shake instead of stir really quickly with a spoon. My little ones are in love with this yummy jam, so we have heaps of these jars hanging around the place! It worked really well.                    


Step 4.

Fill some water in a bucket. Enough to cover the wool cover nicely. Add the mixture to the bucket of water and swish to ensure it is evenly distributed.


Step 5.

Add your wool cover and massage the lanolin gently into the wool, concentrating on the areas that get the heaviest use. Gently squeeze the wool so that you feel that each wool fibre is getting wet.


Step 6.

Leave your precious woollies in this lovely lanolin bath for about 30 minutes.


Step 7.

Remove cover from the water and gently squeeze out any excess water.


Step 8.

Lay your cover flat on a towel and gently pat flat to remove any additional moisture. The towel will protect the delicate wool fibres from damage.


Step 9.

Shape the nappy to the shape you want it to be. As it dries it will stay in this shape. I just learnt this trick! You could do this with jumpers too!


Step 10.

Lay flat to dry, avoiding full sunlight. It takes a while to dry. Can take up to 24 hours.

Step 11.

Wrap that precious little woolly on your beautiful baby’s bum!

So there you have it! Lanolising! Tricky to say, not so tricky to do! Enjoy!

Heidi and the Nesties xxx

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Cloth Nappy Awards Winners!

Cloth Nappy Awards Gold Sponsor

Wow!  What a month July was!  The Australian Nappy Association Cloth Nappy Awards ran all month and it was great to see some amazing brands from both here in Australia and also overseas to vote for! 

Nest Nappies was super proud to be a Gold Sponsor and to have been nominated for Best Customer Service in the Awards.  While we didn’t quite make a place, I’m super happy for our friends at Bubblebubs, Baby Bare and Designer Bums.  I know that Vicki, Jenny and Carla are absolutely over the moon with their wins!

The Winners!

So, who were the winners I hear you ask?  Well, Nest Nappies is super proud to be stockists of nearly all of the winners! 

You can view the full list of winners over on the Cloth Nappy Reviews Site.

The ANA is in the process of contacting everyone who entered in the amazing prize pool of over $6,000!  I’m really looking forward to sending off an amazing starter pack as part of one of the prizes.  Will it be you?

If you want to see any of the winning products, why not drop into our gorgeous Paddington shop and have a play with them in person!

The next big event planned from the ANA is the Cloth Shot A Day.  It is going to be a great opportunity to show off your fluff and I have seen some amazing things happening in the background for this event.  Can not wait to start snapping some gorgeous pics.  Just wish Mr 3yo would be more accommodating with bum shots!  Oh well,  guess you guys will just have to put up with my quirky take on all the key words! lol

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Friday Feebie – Best Bottom Buzz

best bottom buzz friday freebie

It’s been a little while since we had a Friday Freebie draw so I thought I would share a little of the Nest house while doing this weeks.

Kids do the darnedest things sometimes and having three of them, I’ve been through most of it and then some!  We are fairly relaxed in the Nest house and the kids have the opportunity to do a lot of things for themselves to help with their learning and development.   Studies have shown that kids who are allowed to do things for themselves learn self sufficiency a lot earlier.  While they are our babies and we want to do lots for them, there has to come a time where they need to do things for themselves as well.  We have areas in the house where K can get his own drink, he’s able to help himself to certain foods and we are even teaching him how to use knives.  He absolutely adores sitting up at the bench and ‘helping’ me cook dinner!

Baby K (can I still call him a baby now that he his nearly 3?) decided to add a new experience to the repertoire this week – trying every single pear in the house!  I’m not sure if he was trying them to see if they tasted different or if it was all about the experience of biting into each pear. 


Either way, he  got a LOT of pear yesterday and when I went to prepare lunches this morning, I had an interesting surprise!  Let’s just say that there was some creative fruit preparation happening!

It got me thinking though, what has your little one done to surprise you lately?  Cos surely, I’m not the only one who finds these surprises!

Share your stories below and have the chance of winning an awesome Best Bottom Buzz cover.  Money can’t buy these amazing shells.  With a wipe clean inner, double leg gussets and the ability to snap or lay any absorbent boosters you have at home, this beauty could soon become a favourite in your house 🙂  We will draw our Friday Freebie winner next Friday 02 Jun 17 around 2pm.

Vashti xxx

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Help! My Cloth Bummed Babe has Gastro!

Gastro is never a nice thing to have to discuss, however; after the week we’ve just had I feel compelled to share my gastro and cloth journey with you all. Sooner or later this is something that you will most likely have to endure and I’m telling you now . . . it’s not pretty! BUT it’s OK! I have tried a few things and done some research so I now have this little cheat sheet!

What nappy works best?

I figured out quite quickly that I didn’t want to be using nappies that had too much fabric, folds or anything fancy. I needed something easy to wash, to make sure all the bacteria was getting out of my nappies in the wash.

I decided to use only cotton terry flats. The great thing about terry flats is that they are a loopy fabric, which soaks up liquid quickly (either cotton, bamboo and hemp would do this). They are easy to wash. You can wash cotton terries in hot water to kill bacteria or soak them in a soaker of your choice. They dry really easily. You will want to put a nice PUL cover over the top preferably with double leg gussets as this will act as a double line of defence and keep everything in.

If you decide not to use flats, MCN would be fine if you made sure you washed them really well (see the washing section of this cheat sheet!). Also to keep everything in you could always put another PUL cover over the top.

Of course, if you want to take a break from cloth during this time, you could always use a one use or disposable nappy. If you choose this option, have a look at a biodegradable and compostable absorbent pad that you can put straight into a PUL cover and dispose of when you change the nappy (Gro Via and Cushie Tushies both offer these options). This way you can keep using your gorgeous nappies and only have the cover to wash.

What’s the best way to Wash?

If you can wash the nappies as soon as you can, or at least rinse them, there is less chance of the bacteria being spread.

In times like these, it is recommended to wash your nappies in at least 60 degrees c, which is the temperature that kills most bugs and nasties. You should run a rinse cycle first. Then of course dry in the full sun if possible.

nappies on the line

Unfortunately, I have an old-school laundry with only cold water as an option. If this is you, you may need to do what I did. I rinsed off my nappies in a bucket, threw the water down the toilet then soaked the nappies in hot water (If using flats you can add some laundry soaker- no soaker for MCN).

Some people have suggested putting Vinegar or tea tree oil in the rinse stage of the wash as an antibacterial. Just be careful when using vinegar on any elastic or PUL though.

Also be aware that gastro bugs can live longer than your bub’s gastro attack, so keep hot washing for about a week after bub seems better.

cellular virus

Of course just be extra diligent with washing your hands after changing and washing nappies (which you would anyway 🙂 ).

What about their little red bum?

To help with my baby’s sore little bottom I used a zinc-based cream. I know zinc isn’t usually recommended for cloth nappies, but I was washing in hot water and I was using flats. Washing in hot water with a full dose of detergent should get most of the zinc out. If you find that some is staying on the nappy, try scrubbing at it with a laundry brush, some hot water and a little detergent. Using a liner with zinc based creams is always a good idea. We also recommend making sure that the cream is rubbed in really well. You can sprinkle a little baby powder over the top to help reduce the transfer of the cream onto the nappy (steer clear of talc based powders though – maybe look for a tapioca based powder like Nature’s Child Organic Baby Powder).

So don’t fear the gastro. As with anything you put your mind to, you can do this! You will get through it and all will be back to normal before you know it!

Good luck!

Heidi and the Nesties xxx


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Welcome to our new website :)

nest nappies new website

Wow!  A new website to play with!  I’m super excited and hope you love it!  It’s been a few months in the works and we had originally planned to go live back in March.  Looking back now, I have no idea what I was thinking!  We had an expo and a trip to China planned for that month, launching a new website was a pipe dream! lol

I think I’m most excited about this blog feature!  I’m really looking forward to sharing things with you all here and hearing what you think along the way.  If you have any burning desires of things you would like to hear about from us, let us know and we will check it out and you never know, we might just dedicate a piece to you <3

As this is a complete rebuild of our site, there may be a few little glitches as we get used to the new way things work.  Please bare with us and we would love if you let us know if you find anything funny or out of place.  We’d also love to hear what you think of the site – good and bad!  Everything you tell us helps us to build a better site for you 🙂

Rightio, it’s nearly 11pm, I’m still at the shop and our stool really isn’t the most comfortable lol so I’m off home now to get some shut eye and make sure I look stunning for our very first Skype workshop tomorrow afternoon.

Lots of love from Vashti and the Nesties <3 

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