Founded in 2014, Ankalia Textiles has quickly established itself as Australia’s leading manufacturer of Australian-made baby carriers. Kellie has built many of her own personal ethics and values around sustainability and reducing waste, slow fashion, supporting women in business and supporting Australian companies into Ankalia’s business practices.

The Ankalia team works with local suppliers, artists and textile mills to craft, design and weave premium-quality baby carriers and products designed to take caregivers through many seasons of babywearing and parenting. Ankalia carriers are Australian designed, woven and hand-finished


  1. Face in view at all times
  2. High and upright
  3. Chin up
  4. Supported back and snug
  5. Close enough to kiss


Ankalia Textiles and Nest Nappies cannot be held responsible or liable for any accidents that could occur as a result of the misuse of carrier. We pride ourselves in helping our customers, so please, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

Safety Tips

  1. Always make sure your baby is tied or buckled securely and tight to your body. This is for your comfort and so your baby cannot slip out of the carry. Always make sure your baby can breathe freely. Check frequently that the carried child’s airways are free and that their chin has not slumped to their chest. Newborns lack the muscle control to free restricted airways so turning your newborns head to the side will encourage them to face this way when sleeping. Remember to provide good back and neck support.
  2. Inspect your carrier regularly to ensure it is structurally sound. Check the fabric for any tears that could have occurred. If you notice any damage stop using immediately and contact us for advice. We do not recommend carrying your baby in a cradle position because it can be difficult to position baby which makes it difficult to see and kiss your baby.
  3. Be aware of your body heat when using a carrier – you may require fewer layers as you are sharing body heat with your child. The Australian summer can be harsh so we suggest a single layered carry with your child in a singlet and nappy. Even a cool flannel on your chest while your baby sleeps can help to cool you down.
  4. Please use common sense and caution when cooking or near open flames, or drinking your latte. Also be aware of what your child can reach for. We recommend that any exercise while babywearing is again done with caution and common sense. Base jumping isn’t recommended but we do love Kangaroo training.


Our wraps and converted carrriers are made from all natural fibres and, with few exceptions, are as easy to care for as your regular household laundry.

Firstly, you must look over your wrap before washing for the first time. We ask you to look for any weaving flaws that we may have missed along the way. If you are un happy with your carrier then please contact us.

Your wrap will arrive to you in what is called “loom state”. Therefore, it is very important that you wash and iron your wrap before use. This sets the weave, removes any residue and will fluff up your wrap to make it soft and smooshy.

Wash your 100% cotton wraps first in one cold wash on a medium spin, and on gentle cycle for subsequent washing. We do not recommend the use of colour catchers with any textiles. Tumble dry on low. Ironing is strongly encouraged to prevent premature wear at the rails and other highly creased areas. It is normal for your wrap to shrink in the first wash. We have taken into account shrinkage when we have cut and hemmed our wraps.

Ring Slings should be covered with a piece of cloth or sock. This not only protects the rings but also your washing machine.


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