With a family of 5 with two young kids, b Clean Co know laundry and lots of it. Their dream was to create the perfect plant based detergent that actually worked. They knew if they could create a formula that works on the dirtiest of dirty items (aka reusable nappies, muddy football gear and hubby’s sweaty gym clothes) then it would be a no brainer on working for normal laundry. So that is exactly what they did.

b Clean Co searched high and low across Australia to partner with the right factory who could produce a top quality product with small batch philosophy. Luckily, they found them and two years later we have new exciting products in the works.

b Clean Co’s mission was to use the best of the best ingredients sourced mainly from Australia. Produce in small batches and deliver consistently top quality products. So that is exactly what they have done. Like us, this manufacturer is a family owned business employing over 70+ local staff.

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