Our Mission

Hello & thank you for finding us! We bee-lieve in a simple idea. A simple plan. To change the world one nappy at a time and we would love you to join us. When we couldn’t find the perfect reusable nappy we decided to create our own and Baby BeeHinds was born way back in 2004. That’s right, we were one of the original Modern Cloth Nappy brands to start this industry in Australia & have been leading the way for over 15 years. We have reusable nappies sorted so you can sleep easy knowing you baby’s change time & our planet is in safe hands.  We would love you to join our amazing community & join us in this revolution.

There are a few things we are really proud of here at HQ. Firstly we are 100% Australian Owned & Managed. All of our babies were 100% cloth nappy babies & all our staff have used cloth nappies as parents. Back then when our babies were little, the original designs were still in place & cloth napping was still seen as ‘alternative’ and a little bit ‘hippy’ BUT times have changed. We have re-designed styles, improved materials & fit and have a bigger amazing range of styles. Oh! & being a cloth nappy parent certainly isn’t see as being alternative so much any more. Cloth Nappies are booming so much more talked about, largely due to the education out there, councils offering rebates, reusable swimming nappies seen in every pool & beach. Cloth Nappies are certainly not so ‘hippy’ now & we dare you to join us!


Our Team

Another of our finest achievements, our Team. We employ people with passion. People with experience. People we love & know you will love them too. Whether it’s our Customer Service Team, our Stockists, our Brand Reps or our Senior Management Team … every. single. person. in the Baby BeeHinds family is on the same mission as us. So that means you get people who passionately love what they do & will bend over backwards for you. Whether that is finding the right nappy style, problem solving or basking in the glory of your babies rocking their #beehinds on Instagram you are in safe (passionate) hands at all levels.


The Manufacturers

Finally we are most proud of relationship with our factory in Qingdao. We are one of the only manufacturers in the garment industry that has had the same factory for 15 years. This means there is consistency of fabrics & craftsmanship. Every single batch will be the same as the last. This is one of our biggest achievements & we wear our “Made in China with love” badge with pride. Our factory team are AMAZING. European Owned & managed they have a small staff of 40 full time employees, 3 sewing lines and many of their staff are long time employees. Their factory is spotless & the staff have working conditions. We know most of them by name. They love Vegemite & Tim Tams now (trust us the Vegemite took a while!)

They know we accept nothing but the best from them. Yes we provide a premium range of products, but that also means we hold our factory to the highest levels as well. They have 36% higher wages than the average seamstresses. They have led the way in ethically focused, eco-friendly fabrics for over 40 years. Feel free to drop us an email is you have specific questions on our manufacturer or product range.


The Journey

If you are just starting your cloth nappy journey then please take a look around! There is plenty of advice, information and don’t forget to check out our You Tube Channel. Got a question send us an email to info@babybeehinds.com.au. We have heard every question under the sun so nothing will surprise us. Bee-the-change & ride with us!



CEO Baby BeeHinds


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