Our goal is to help cloth bum mums (and dads) around Australia with their war on laundry. You’re all absolute legends for using cloth nappies but we personally know the struggle of keeping up with the laundry so we’re here to make it a little bit easier.


Who is Loomey really? Well, I’m Jai. Mum to my two gorgeous kiddies and Mum to this gorgeous little business, even if I do say so myself. I’ve spent three years growing tiny humans, juggling full time work and trying to figure out Mum life along that way. I can definitely say it’s been a roller coaster ride and I wouldn’t change a thing.


When my daughter came along, we as a family decided to live more sustainably, we opted for reusable cloth nappies and wanted to try and reduce the waste in our home. I liked the idea of cloth and while Dan – lets call him Mr Loomey took some convincing we gave it a go. 15 months on we are still using cloth and we manage. We seem to have a good washing routine, BUT and I know I’m not the only one, I hate, HATE pegging out my nappies. It takes so long and it’s so fiddly. That’s where the idea for our Cloth Nappy Dryer started… If I can just make it a little quicker, a little easier maybe more people would use cloth nappies.

This is where my business baby came to life. The Cloth Nappy Dryer by Loomey saving you hours a year messing around with fiddly pegs making cloth nappies that little bit easier.


Having tried various designs we can now bring you a dryer we are happy with. We use them every day when washing our nappies, clothes and laundry. While it was designed for nappies we now use it for socks, undies, bibs, cloths and anything small and annoying to peg it.

Trust us you’ll like it.

Thanks for reading

Jai xx

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