Hi, I’m Michelle. I thought that one way to provide a boring blurb here was to share some random answers to questions often asked over the years that are important to me and reflect upon SHP and our family and business values. I hope we share some of the same values as you so here goes. Grab yourself a coffee to stay awake and I’ll pour out my heart on the page as SHP is my passion.

No, they are not made in China despite the state of working conditions. I have nothing against companies that do. They are participating in a global environment. I like the locally made model better.

Yes, they are actually made with care by our family including my husband Matt on the overlocker, my mum Phyllis who is a genius on the sewing side, my BFF Clare, our friend and true professional Donna, and my lovely friend Merri who knits in her sleep. My daughter Lara is my “designer fabric consultant“ My son Hayden designed and built this website. I just cut, pin, snap and do the other “stuff“ these days. I’m very grateful to them all for their help and skills.

Yes, I support at least seven Australian businesses in my supply chain in each nappy that you purchase from us. These suppliers are important to me but it also means my profit margins don’t lend themselves to wholesaling. Making cloth nappies is a labour of love so pricing doesn’t reflect an hourly rate. It is built into our way of life meaning I can stay here in our home whilst putting food on the table and paying the bills.

No, I can’t have sales all of the time and lots of price-slashing deals but I can make my pricing reasonable to begin with and comparable to many of those made overseas. I can’t compete in production volume as the family also needs quality time and finding a work/life balance is also important for us as I’m sure it is for you too. So if there is sometimes a little wait on your order I hope you understand. I’m working on improving production processes. (I bought a whip)

Yes, I size every baby even after purchase to help you get the optimum fit for current needs and future longevity. Value for money is important and if you don’t have a nappy that fits, it’s of no use to you or your bub and who isn’t confused by all of the choices out there?

Yes, I am one of the few cloth nappy businesses that keep synthetics to a minimum and I have over 13 years experience with babies with allergies, the use of Cloth nappies and accessories on those babies, and alternatives that work in both a treatment and preventative nature. This is based on evidence, research and my own experience. I was a nurse in a previous life and also have had sensitive skin issues over the years as did my babies who are now well past their baby years which means I’m pretty ancient.

No, our nappies do not have polyurethane laminate waterproofing sewn into them as many cloth nappies do. My profits would probably increase if I did as people think plastic is convenient. However, I believe Mother Nature does a much better job providing us with absorbent natural fibres and fabrics made from Bamboo, Organic Cotton and gorgeously soft wool from Australian sheep, supplied by Australian businesses. The environment will thank us in the future if we steer towards natural, as sustainability is a very important issue. There are a couple of exceptions where the synthetic benefit to bub outweighs the natural option in our night nappies so there is a combination of natural and synthetic but synthetic is kept to a minimum.

Yes, I sometimes work in my pyjamas, run behind schedule and have hissy fits when things go a little pear-shaped.

Yes, we reduce, reuse and recycle where we can.

No, the nappies are not made in a pet-free home as we love our pets- our big thoroughbred horse Nowie short for Pinocchio ( whose racing name was “heat of the battle“ but he is a big sook ), Mini Foxie Louie ( we just lost our 2 year old pup Levi who was hit by a car chasing a chook) and 1 cockatiel Bill who was my sons’ pet as a child and he’s now 26 so this little bird is a legend. We’ve borrowed a cockatiel from our neighbours so he has a friend.

Well, you’ve done well if you got this far. Besides my Facebook and Instagram pages and this website, I rely greatly on word of mouth. If you like what we do please tell someone else. It is vital for my ability to be able to stay viable. As for being a business woman, I’m not even going to pretend that I am one. I was a nurse. Now I’m a nurse with a business run on principles of nursing- look after your clients and their needs to the best of your ability and knowledge. Cloth nappying isn’t a science. Our mums and grandmas were the pioneers and it has come a long way but it is still simpler than it seems sometimes. It’s all just about fit, absorbency, fabric choice, durability, comfort, quality, care, cleanliness and price.

SHP has survived and grown slowly but surely over the last 13 years by looking after one customer at a time so I hope that gives you some faith in what we do and make. I love interaction so your questions, photos, comments and feedback are always very much appreciated to enrich our journey. Ring me if you need to any time of the day or night although nappy emergencies are a rarity. Don’t forget to join the Facebook page for Giveaways, Stocking info and more. I look forward to helping you with baby butt issues especially in the areas of Nights, Newborns, Natural and Nice.

Welcome to SHP. With every purchase from us, you are valued dearly by us.

Warmest Wishes, Michelle and the SHP Family ♥

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