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Nature’s Child, Certified Organic Baby Powder


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Product Description

Nature’s Child Baby Powder is 100% TALC FREE & CERTIFIED ORGANIC

Baby Powder is ideal for keeping baby’s skin dry after each nappy change and generally keeping moisture away from sensitive areas of the body such as under arms, under breasts and groin. Baby Powder is an ideal way to refresh baby’s skin when no washing is required.

Tapioca is the primary base of Nature’s Child Certified Organic Baby Powder because it gives a smoother silky feeling. This is a superior alternative to cornstarch which appears rough and jagged when viewed under a microscope. The simple additions of white clay and relaxing lavender complete this the ultra smooth experience for your baby.

Certified Organic Baby Powder 100g 100% ACO certified organic & natural, 100% Preservative free, 100% Australian made, 100% Cruelty free & vegan, 100% Gluten free

Why Use Baby Powder?

Ideal at every nappy change to prevent chafing, freshen skin when you are not bathing, absorbs moisture from sweat in skin folds of babies, dry & soothe skin after bath

Is Baby Powder Safe?

We only use food grade ingredients with Tapioca being the major ingredient in our product. 5% White Clay and a tiny amount of lavender suitable for newborn babies.  Mainstream brands promoting baby powder have been criticised in recent years due to the The American Academy of Paediatrics conclusions that baby powder can cause breathing trouble and serious lung damage for babies if they inhale the particles.  This is only true of talc-based powders, with their small, easily inhaled particles.  This conclusion was part of a famous court case where a woman in the USA received damages from Johnson and Johnson when she successfully proved that Talc in their baby and feminine hygiene products contributed to the cause of her ovarian cancer.  Women can safely use our baby powder as a feminine hygiene product! In fact, men and women of all ages can use our beautiful baby powder as part of a daily after shower routine, before bed and at any time when chaffing or moisture prevention is required as part of a natural body care routine.

INGREDIENTS: Certified Organic Tapioca starch, Kaolin (Australian white clay), Certified Organic Lavender Essential Oil.  A hint of lavender also provides a calming affect which can assist comfort. 5% White Mineral Clay as approved by Australian Certified Organic ACO helps the powder glide smoothly across our skin.

TALC FREE Baby Powder is the only SAFE baby powder to use for any member of your family, especially our babies!

Why Tapioca? When we researched all possible food grade flours to use in our pure formula, we considered the popular natural baby powder alternative to TALC which is cornstarch. We were fascinated to learn that Tapioca Flower looks finer under a microscope than the rough appearance of cornstarch. Further research demonstrated that Tapioca looks like small fine balls that glide smoothly. We also could not rule out a gluten content in cornstarch to Tapioca was a triple star rating for us when we understood it was a gluten free flour.  Early research into gluten has commonly stated that Gluten cannot be absorbed through the skin because the protein particles are too large, so it was not a concern initially but celiacs with extreme sensitivities are taking the caution to avoid gluten in all forms. We believe gluten free skincare will become very important in the future as more research comes to light. So to be sure, our baby skincare range is gluten free.  In striving for the best product for your baby, we decided to err on the side of caution.


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