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Planet Wise Small Wet bag


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Product Description

What makes Planet Wise products different? They are the first and only wet bag and nappy pail liner on the market that are not only sewn but also SEALED at the seams!!! You can put your wet wipes, super wet diapers, swimwear, or anything really wet into these bags and they won’t leak or wick. We also took great care in picking the very best fabrics including matching zipper and waterproof layer for the wet bags.

High quality designer fabrics with coordinating inner waterproof material and locking zipper. Great for storing and transporting wet and dirty items, swimwear, cloth nappies, shoes….the list goes on and on.

planet wise wet bag
  • Innovative, unique, and earth friendly
  • First & only wet bag to be sewn and sealed for no wicking
  • Resists most odors and stains – smells stay in
  • Great for potty training, cosmetics, going to the gym, etc
  • Practical sizes for everyday use – 3 sizes available

PlanetWise wet bags are available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes.

  • Small 8″x10″ Holds approx. 1-2 cloth nappies
  • Medium 13″x16″ Holds approx. 8-9 cloth nappies
  • Large 18″x21″ Holds approx. 18-20 cloth nappies

Additional Information


Aqua Swirl, Aquarius Twill, Black, Butterflies, Caribou Bloom, Celestial Sea, Chic Petunia, Daisy Dream, Fancy Pants, Grey Chevron, Jelly Jubilee, Jewel Woods, Menagerie Twill, Midnight Curl, Monster Mash, Navy, Oasis Performance, Orange Woods, Organic Silver Scroll, Overboard Twill, Prickly Cactus Performance, Quill, Sly, Teal Chevron


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