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Baby Bare, Wet Bag

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Product Description

Baby Bare fabulous wet bags are two bags in one. The two bags snap together and can be used together or apart. The bag has a gorgeous printed outer and an additional PUL lining to keep everything dry (making them double lined, a unique Baby Bare feature).

They are great for cloth nappies and accessories, since their two pockets allow you to have a clean and dirty nappies separate. Alternatively, you may want one pocket for nappies and the second for your wipes, creams, and change mat.


The bag strap has snaps to allow you to hang it from your pram.

The bag can be used to store changes of clothes, your baby food or anything else—wet or dry. These bags are incredibly useful and they match your baby’s nappies.

The larger bag measures 35cm × 40cm, and the smaller front bag measures 20cm × 30cm. It easily fits 8‐10 nappies.

Baby Bare wet bags were the Runner Up for Favourite Cloth Nappy accessory in the 2016 Cloth Nappy Awards.

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Cheshire, Daydream, Forest Tribe, Frenchie & Friends, Frogger, Inky, Leaflet, Magnolia, Midnight Dragon, Midnight Tropics, No Prob-llama, Peacock Parade, Pineapple Sunrise, Savanna Babies, Shelly Beach, Spaced Out, Sugar Gliders, Tropical Daze


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