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Gro Via, Wet Bag


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Quick overview:

Gro Via, Wet Bag


Product Description

Keep your cloth nappies and accessories secure with this durable zippered wet bag. A cloth nappying necessity, this versatile tote features a simple, yet effective design that tucks conveniently into your nappy bag when on the go. Perfect for travel, daycare or swimming!

Wet Bag benefits

  • Easy-to-use, zippered closure
  • Convenient loop handle
  • Holds 4 to 6 nappies
  • Water-resistant
  • Just throw in the wash
  • Can also be used for wet clothes, toys, snacks or gear!

Dimensions: 12″H x 12″W
Materials: 100% Polyester TPU

The Gro Via wet bag is made fairly and conscientiously in China along with their other products.


GroVia: leading the next generation in cloth diapers.

Fortunately for babies the world over, parents have increasingly developed an awareness of baby- and eco-friendly product choices.  With Gro Via, they deliver cloth nappy products that contribute to this evolution…and that make cloth nappying possible for any modern lifestyle.  They may make waves in our industry from time-to-time, but that’s what always happens when someone rewrites the rules.  In Gro Via’s case, the industry’s most innovative designs and unparalleled material selection have been combined to establish the quality and value leader in the cloth nappy market.

Our Impact: changing the world one baby at a time.

To a person, their entire company knows that we all have a responsibility to our planet.  And it makes us proud to know that customers using Gro Via nappies have removed over 160,000,000 disposable nappies from our world’s waste stream.  Thank you!

Gro Via Nappies: making it easy for more parents to choose sustainability.

Gro Via are not alone in pursuing environmental sustainability in product design, and they salute companies everywhere that have chosen to follow a similar path in a credible and “real” way, such as by using certification processes to guarantee organic material sources and fair trade practices.  They also know that in order to bring more families to experience the wonders of cloth nappies, they have to make products that just plain work.  When it comes to nappy design, they never sacrifice functionality in favor of a green-at-all-costs mentality.  Instead, they start all of their designs at the most elemental levels to ensure that they are delivering solutions that work in the real world.

Need a nappy that can hit the road or go to day care?  No problem. Gro Via Hybrid nappy shell paired with a BioSoaker insert gives you a baby- and earth-friendly alternative.

Want to maximize your cost savings versus disposable nappy?  Use the same Hybrid Shell along with a variety of integrated Soaker Pad and absorbency options.

Ready for the world’s simplest and high tech cloth Nappy?  Use Gro Via’s All In One nappy that delivers certified organic cotton in a user-friendly design that any parent will love.

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