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Itti Bitti, Mini Wet Bag

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Product Description

Dealing with poopy nappies while you are out and about can be a challenge but the itti bitti mini wet bag makes it easy and adds a bit of luxury to your nappy change too!

Made from waterproof laminated minkee (PUL) that is gloriously soft and silky. itti bitti wet bags are zippered to hold in smells and the perfect size for a day out or a quick trip to the shops.


The itti bitti wet bag is available in two sizes to suit your needs. The mini wet bag measures 20cm x 20cm. It is designed to hold one nappy, some wipes, mumma cloth, snacks or any thing else you can think of.

The day itti bitti wet bag measures 28cm x 38cm. It is better suited for longer trips, days out, swimming lessons and more.

These wet bags comes in a range of prints and colours which will suit every taste. They are perfect for nappies, cloth wipes, toilet training accidents and hundreds of other uses!

Simply wash in with your nappies.

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