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Bubblebubs, Bamboo Velour Reusable Wipes, 5 Pack


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Product Description

Bubblebubs Reusable Wipes

Reusable wipes go hand in hand with cloth nappies.  They can also be used to clean up little messes on hands and faces too. With Bubblebubs Premium Bamboo Velour Cloth Wipes you have control over what chemicals touch your baby’s skin. No need to wash separately just chuck in with your nappies on washing day.

Bubblebubs Premium Bamboo Velour Wipes are made from 2 layers of silky soft bambo velour, overlocked in a complementary thread.

Team with the Foaming Wipes Wash and you have a no fuss cleaning routine for nappy change time, or simply run under tap water for a quick clean.

Reusable wipes can be taken out and about dry and wet as needed.  You can also pre-dampen your wipes and carry them in a small wet bag until it’s clean up time.  Once used, just pop them into your wet bag with the dirty nappy and wash them altogether.

Bubblebubs Premium Bamboo Velour Cloth Wipes come in a gorgeous rainbow of 5 colours.  If you would like your wipes all the same colour, simply let us know and we can arrange it.


They measure approximately 20cm x 20cm unwashed.

Due to the nature of the fabric that these wipes are made from, a small amount of shrinkage may occur.


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