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Baby Beehind, Magic-Alls, Pocket, Multi Fit, Snap Close


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Baby Beehinds, Magic-All, Multi Fit, Pocket, Snap Close


Product Description

Magic-Alls Multi-Fits are a ‘pocket nappy’ system. That is- a system that has no need for any covers, liners etc, and the absorbency is provided by ‘boosters’ that you insert in to the pocket opening. These systems dry fast so are great for colder climates, travelling etc. They are a one-size-fits-most system, designed to fit the average sized baby from about 3.5kg through to 15kg. Great for if you have 2 in nappies at the same time or if you dont want to have to buy new sizes as baby grows.

Magic-Alls Multi-Fits are made from 100% man made materials. The outer layer is PUL/Minkee, and the inner layer, directly next to baby’s skin, is an ultra sheer suedecloth. This inner layer is designed to help keep baby dry and wick wetness away from baby’s skin. Magic-Alls Multi-Fits have a pocket-style opening sewn in to the back of the nappy. This opening allows for complete flexibility with absorbency. We provide you with 2 bamboo inserts to use in the nappy. Use on, or use both! It’s up to you. If baby is a heavy wetter, or if you want to put baby down for a nap, or go out for an extended period, you are able to stuff more inside the pocket opening- there is room for additional boosting. By doing this, you are basically adding more absorbency to the nappy, which is handy for night times in particular.

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  • If using your Magic-Alls Multi-Fits overnight, baby may require a larger size setting to accomodate any aditional boosting.
  • Ensure the sides of the nappy are tucked in to the groin area…this provides a trimmer fit and is more comfortable against a little baby’s thighs.
  • You should expect a lifespan of between 150 – 250 washes from your Baby BeeHinds if they are cared for as per our recommendations.  If quantity on hand is sufficient for full time use (approx 25 per size for one child) then this is about 1.5 – 2.5 years – or a cost per wear of between 11c and 18c .  (There are so many variables which can affect the lifespan of nappies that it is impossible to give a precise life-span)

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Dew, Emerald, Marine Green, Monkey fun, Orange Burst, Orchid, Paw Print, Prickles, Purest Blue, Seascape (Minkee), Spring Fling, Sunshine, Tic, Tac, Toe (Minkee), Tiki, Twilight Purple, White


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