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Designer Bums, AI2, Art Pop


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Product Description

ART POP AI2 Nappies

Designer Bums Art Pop AI2 nappies are the same signature trim-fit and adorable limited-edition designer prints, but made with a waterproof PUL outer layer for even longer dry periods!

Art Pop AI2 have a silky soft Suede Cloth inner-lining which is a one-way fabric.  This allows liquid to pass through and be drawn away.  Suede Cloth helps keep baby’s skin dry and comfortable. The PUL (polyurethane laminate) outer layer keeps moisture from leaking through so you don’t need an extra cover.

Art Pop AI2 nappies each come with a super-thirsty tri-layer bamboo insert made from high-quality, natural bamboo fibres that feature a convenient, rectangular snap in booster.  They also feature a large anchor-shaped insert.  Having different boosters allows you to customise the nappy for your baby.

With a pocket opening in the back the nappy, it can be boosted internally.  If you aren’t a pocket fan, simply lay or snap on top to suit your needs. An additional trifold insert can be purchased separately to boost for very heavy wetters.  Trifolds also work well for longer stretches or to convert for night-time use!

Art Pop AI2 Nappies are recommended for daytime or night-time use with different boosting combinations to suit. Day boosted nappies should be changed every 2-4 hours for comfort and hygiene.

Designer Bums nappies are known for a nice, snug shape that fit MOST children. The nappies are suitable for use from newborn starting approximately 3.5kg all the way through to toddler toilet training age (approx 15-17+ kilos depending on individual body shape). 

At some growth phases particularly with chubby babes, the fit may not be perfect or run a little tight  As your little one’s body rapidly changes, so does the sizing on the nappy.

Not only are Designer Bums simply adorable, but they are great for the environment too! Made with the quality materials and fully Australian owned and Designed!


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