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Bare + Boho, Organic Cotton Breast Pads, 3 Pairs

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Product Description

Bare & Boho reusable breast-pads are an essential accessory for any mama. These pads are made using Organic Cotton and Bamboo, and come in sets of 3 pairs and a washbag. Breast Cloth Pads are for those pre & post-partum leakage of fluids, milk or simply as a pad for soothing sore cracked nipples.

Bare & Boho Breast pads are completely reusable, washable, and eco-friendly. Designed to be used multiple times and washed with general laundry in the wash-bag provided.

In the last weeks of pregnancy, the breasts can excrete fluid; post-birth, they can leak excessive amounts of breast-milk. So using a pad placed in the bra to cover the nipples, helps contain this leakage.

Using reusable breast pads, can potentially save upwards of 1000 disposables pads used per child, based on the average mother requiring 8 changes a day for 3 months!

We truly believe in the importance of nurturing the feminine body, both before pregnancy and post-birth, through the use of natural, healthy and non-toxic products. We also greatly believe that products for our bodies, should not have to cost the earth!

  • Simply place a pad in your bra against the nipple, to absorb fluids.
  • Due to the waterproof backing you can rest assured that fluids won’t leak through to your clothing.
  • When the pad is heavy with fluid, place used pad in washbag ready for your next laundry load and use another pad. We recommend washing daily-second day.
  • 3x Pairs of Organic Cotton-Bamboo Breastpads and Washbag
  • Small Wash-bag designed to contain the pads from getting lost in the washing machine.

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