Nibbling teething necklace is created with food-grade silicone beads and are available in a range of striking designs and colours. Not only do they provide relief for your little one’s tender gums, but they are a stylish fashion accessory for mum too!

Simply wear as you would a normal necklace and let bub chew on the cool and soft baby-safe beads.

You know how it is when your little one is teething. Sore gums equal a grumpy bubba, and they’ll chew on anything to get some relief.

For a simple yet stylish solution to this age-old problem, let them explore the varying textures of these necklaces with hand-finished wood beads and food-grade silicone beads.

Approved by paediatricians, this little miracle worker is safe for your baby. There’s no need to worry about choking hazards, thanks to the breakaway clasp and individually threaded beads. The materials used are BPA-free, phthalate-free, and totally non-toxic. Nibbling teething necklaces are eco-friendly too!0

What’s more, these teething necklaces are a breeze to clean. For silicone jewellery, just place in the dishwasher, hand-wash, or steam clean. You can wipe down wooden jewellery using a soft cloth and warm, soapy water.